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Sep 2018

Report on Guest Lecture

Dept. of languages of Dr.N.S.A.M FGC organized a lecture titled “Issues of Gender and Culture” on 28th September, 2018 in the college. The lecture was pertaining to a lesson prescribed for I sem B.Com and BBA Classes. The program began with welcoming of the guest, Dr. R V Sheela, dept of English, MES College, Bengaluru and the gathering . Mr. J B Janardana, HOD of languages had also introduced the Resource Person. The principal set the ball rolling through her speech about the topic.
The guest speaker spoke on how culture and gender were responsible for treating women not on an expected lines. By linking the right to inheritance of the ancestral property to women she linked the lesson “Daughter” and discussed further how culture and gender were responsible for treating women not on par with men. She vividly explained the lesson in detail and tried to link with the prevailing situation for women in spite of many laws for the betterment of women. The speaker tried to sensitize students by not pitting the girls against the boys. The students asked their doubts and got them clarified by the resource person .
Mr. Abhijit Naha, Assistant Professor, Dr.N.S.A.M FGC proposed a vote of thanks.

Mar 2018

Guest lecture on Gandhian principles

Literary Forum of Dr.N.S.A.M First Grade College, Yelahanka organized a programme titled “Gandhiji and Non- violence” on 06/03/2018. Prof. S Narayanan, Retired Professor of English, was invited to address the students on the topic in order to throw light on the topic on ‘Ahimsa’, a lesson prescribed for 2nd semester B.Com and BBA students. Dr. R. Shanti Iyer , Principal, Dr.N.S.A.M FGC welcome the speaker, Mr J B Janardhan, HOD in English introduced the speaker, which was followed by lecture by the chief guest.
In his speech Professor emphasized on the relevance of Gandhian thoughts in the modern world. He also spoke about the purpose of Gandhiji’s Non- Violence which made British realize that they were wrong. A non-violence fighter should be mentally strong otherwise it is not possible to adopt the principles of non-violence. According to Gandhiji violence was not the solution to eradicate injustice .The only way to end injustice was self- realization. It could be done through persuasion. Prof. Narayanan mentioned about ‘fear’ and ‘hate’ which also stressed that fear is the main obstacle in the process of persuasion. Prof. Narayanan also mentioned about Gandhiji’s point of view about the environment and how he differentiated between ‘need’ and ‘greed’. Gandhiji’s Eco-friendly economics was also revealed in the speech. Overall the programme was very effective from the students’ point of view. Finally a vote of thanks was rendered by Ms. Salomi, ist year student

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