We conduct regular surprise tests, monthly tests, quarterly exams and preparatory exams to assess the knowledge level of the students.

Test schedule

June 2nd Week Commencement of I PUC

II PU -Unit Test –I (25 marks)

I PU-Diagnostic Test

July 2nd Week Unit Test -2 (25 marks)
August Ist Week Ist Test (Board) (50 marks)
September 2nd Week Unit Test -3 (25 marks)
October 2nd Week Mid-Term Examination (100 marks)
November 2nd Week Unit Test -4 (25 marks)
December 1st Week 2nd Test I&IIPU (Board) (50 marks)

Revision classes

January 2nd Week 1st Pre-Examination (100 marks)

Remedial classes

February 1st Week

2nd Week

3rd Week

3rd Week

Practical Exam I PU

Practical Exam II PU

2nd Prep-Exam for II PU

Final Exam for I PU

March 2nd Week


Public Exam for II PU

Last Working Day.

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