Extra Curricular Activities

23rd August 2014 – Inaugural of CAM – ERA (Commerce and Management Enterprise & Resource Association) 2014-15 followed by Student Seminars by II & III Years.

1st September – 8th September 2014 – 2nd Internal Examinations

12th September 2014 – Teachers’ Day Celebrations

12th September 2014 – Ms. Bhavya attends a Seminar on ‘An Overview of Companies Act’ at St. John’s College, Richmond Road, Bangalore

15th September 2014 – 3 Final Year Students of B.Com & BBA – Rakesh, Naveen & Shreyas are deputed to an ‘Entrepreneurial Development’ Workshop at St. Claret College, Jalahalli, Bangalore

18th September 2014 – Collage & Rangoli Competition

23rd September 2014 – Cook without Fire & Rangoli Competitions

27 September 2014 – Sports Day

1st & 2nd October 2014 – 2 Day Faculty Development Programme by Resource Persons Dr. Jayaram Shetty, Dr. Sameera Sinha, Ms. Sunitha Mahesh

7th November to 27th November 2014 – Bangalore University Examinations

4th December 2014 – Dr. Meera K attended the LIC Evaluation Workshop at Bangalore University.

8th to 12th December 2014 – 5 Day Employability Training for Final Year Students by TIME

8th December & 9th December, 2014 at 10.30 a.m. – Workshop for the Principals of NAAC non-accredited Colleges at Jnana Jyothi Auditorium, Central College Campus, Bangalore attended by Dr. Meera K

17th December 2014 – Staff Meeting with the President of Nitte Education Trust & Governing Council Meeting

15th December to 21st December 2014 – NSS Camp at Kolluvarayanhalli, Bangalore

26th December 2014 – Staff Meeting regarding the new Semester

27th December 2014 – Reopening of College

3rd January 2015 – NSS Felicitation Function

6th January 2015 – LIC Visit & TCS Pre Placement Talk

7th January 2015 – TCS Visit to College for Campus Recruitment; 9 students placed after 4 elimination rounds

10th January 2015 – Literary Committee organizes ‘Essay, Poetry and Sketching Competitions in all 3 languages – English, Kannada & Hindi

13th January 2015 – Visit by Mr. Rohit Punja to the College

14th January 2015 – KPMG Placement Process for Final Year B.Com (Accounts) Visit by I PUC students of Dr. NSAM P.U College to our college to see the Commerce Lab & NSS Room

17th January 2015 – CAMERA Valedictory Programme with Final Year Student Presentations

18th January 2015 – Seventh Sense Talent Solution Placement Process for Final Year BBA students (HR)

24th January 2015 – Prof. Jayaram Shetty of NSOM addresses Final Years on ‘Banking Aptitude Tests’

24th & 25th January 2015 – Mr. Girish attends a conference on ‘Business Taxation’ at R.V College of Commerce & Management

27th January 2015 – CAP GEMINI Placement Process (3 Rounds)

28th January to 3rd February 2015 – 1st Round of Internal Tests

29th & 30th January 2015 – Ms. Aasha & Rozy attend a National Conference on ‘Work – Life Balance & Challenges for Indian Women’ at the SEA College, KR Puram, Bangalore

3rd February 2015 – Talk to Dr. NSAM II P.U Students by Degree College Staff

3rd & 4th February 2015 – 13 students of I & II B.Com & BBA participate in N-IGMA at Dr. NSAM FGC, Nitte, Mangalore

4th February 2015 – Talk by I Nurture on ‘Career Alternatives after Degree” to Final Year Students

6th February 2015 – Talk by IMAGE (Karunakar Deo & Team) on ‘Creativity’ to Final Years Mr. Shekar & Ms. Bhavya participated in the National Conference on Business Challenges and Strategies at the Institute of Management, Christ University, Bangalore

Shreyas M. Jeevith S, Naveen H.V & Rakesh M of Final BBA & B.Com participated in ‘Product Launch’ at the MLA College for Women

Gunasagar N.V of Final B.Com & Nagesh T of II B.Com participated in the Kannada Debate at the MLA College for Women, Bangalore

7th February 2015 – Alumni Meet at 4.30 p.m.

9th February 2015 – Blood Donation Camp organized by NSS through the LCB Megacity, Bangalore

11th February 2015 – Dr. NSAM P.U.C Annual Day

13th & 14th February 2015 – 12 Students participate in the Volley Ball & Badminton Tournament at Kreedostsava in Nitte, Mangalore

14th February 2015 – Talent & Ethnic Day

24th February 2015 – Photography Session

28th Feb & 1st March 2015 – MNA Camp at Kodagu (51 students participate along with Mr. Rame Gowda & the Principal – Dr. Meera K)

3rd March to 9th March 2015 – 2nd Internal Tests of 50 Marks

12th March 2015 – Mr. Bharat attends a Workshop on ‘Tally’ at B.U ION IDEA Campus Recruitment

13th March 2015 – Award of Best Team Trophy by MNA

14th March 2015 – Talk by Ms. Shweta Krishnappa, Govt. Pleader at High Court of Karnataka on ‘Writs & PILs’ to II Year students

Talk By Mr. Mani Gandan on ‘AIDS Awareness’ to I year students

16th March 2015 – Distribution of Pamphlets at P.U Examination Centres by Staff and Students

20th March 2015 – NSS Volunteers Meet titled ‘Hello Friends’

16th April 2015 – College Day, & Release of College Magazine

20th April 2015 - Farewell to Final Years

22nd April 2015 – Staff Picnic to Sangam at Muttathi

24th April 2015 – Staff Workshop on NAAC Accreditation by Prof. Rajshekar, Director, Staff Development, Nitte Education Trust

27th April to 15th May 2015 – Bangalore University Examinations

Extra Curricular Activities:
The College provides for extra-curricular activities along with academics so as to cater to the all round development of students. The following activities are conducted annually.

  • A Lit Fest comprising of Pick & Speak, Poetry Writing, Essay Writing, Elocution, Mime, Picture Reading, Pick & Act & Story Telling will be organized. This helps students to exhibit their literary skills while developing their confidence in facing an audience.
  • The Annual College Magazine PRISM is published which showcases the literary skills of our students in all three languages – English, Kannada & Hindi
  • Commerce & Management Association – Students are encouraged to work on industry related projects and present them.
  • Students Seminars on Syllabus related themes have been introduced to help students research and acquire in – depth knowledge of a given topic.
  • Cultural Activities are part and parcel of the college curriculum and students participate in the following programmes through the year.
  • Independence & Republic Day
  • Freshers Day
  • Talents & Ethnic Day
  • Rangoli & Collage Competition
  • Cooking Without Fire & Mehendi Competitions
  • Annual Day
  • Field Trips, Adventure Camps & Industrial Trips are also organized
  • NSS & NCC are voluntary organizations and the college has registered units for both. Students are expected to participate in the camps/treks and other activities organized.
  • Sports – A full time Physical Education Instructor conducts classes once a week for all classes and coaching is provided in Volley Ball, Cricket, Throw ball, Kabaddi and Kho-Kho. An Annual Sports Day is conducted which helps students display their skills in various sporting events. Students have are encouraged to participate in inter College Sports Competitions and those organized at the University level.
    Participation in the above activities enables students to score credits in the Bangalore University.

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