B.Com Logistics and Supply Chain Management is a three year degree program spread over six semesters. The course is designed to provide the students wide range of commerce and management skills. Commerce and industry are the pillars of any developing economy.

The continued growth of new e-commerce business models created an increasing need for logistics and supply chain experts. It provides an interesting and challenging route to develop business philosophers with a focus on social responsibility and ecological sustainability. The course gives an insight in to the areas of logistics and supply chain management and prepares the students for professions in the field of business development and business management.

Logistics refers to efficiently moving goods so they arrive at the right place at the right time. It can include packaging, multiple modes of transportation, distribution, warehousing, and delivery.

Supply chain is a more general term that includes sourcing materials, procurement, and coordination of materials and goods in process. It can also include outsourcing parts of the manufacturing, sales, or supply processes. For example, an automaker might outsource the manufacturing of transmissions, a computer company might buy core processors from a supplier, and many companies will outsource their marketing and advertising, all of which are part of the supply chain.

Supply chain management and logistics keep companies competitive and make sure they can deliver the right goods at the right price, on time.


On completion of B.Com- Logistics & Supply Chain Management, types of industry one can get into transport, purchasing, supply chain management, contract distribution, manufacturing, retailing, e commerce and public sectors.

Logistics Coordinator, Demand Planning Analyst, Operations Analyst , Consultant, Scheduling Manager, Production Manager, Quality Manager, ERP consultant , Logistics Engineer, Demand Planning Analyst, Supply Chain Coordinator, Transport Manager, Transport Planner, Warehouse Manager, Distribution Manager, Service Manager, Routing / Scheduling Clerk.




  • Professional resource persons / Session
  • Pedagogy and teaching methodology
  • Industry Certification / Internships
  • Job Oriented Certifications
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