Bachelor of Arts is the most pursued undergraduate art courses in India. More than 9 million students every year pursue BA courses available in various specializations such as History, Hindi, English, Psychology, Journalism, Political Science and Sociology & Economics after class 12. The study duration of B.A. degree is three years.


  • BA degree holders become eligible to work in both government and private sectors.
  • Educational Institutes, Economic Development, Export Companies, Foreign Affairs, Law Firms, Lobbying Firms, Media Houses, etc. are some of the main domains for these candidates to work.
  • Students after completion of BA can go for professional courses like MBA, LLB, B.Ed, etc as well.
  • Apart from these there are several professional diploma courses also like photography, language studies (French, Spanish, etc.), graphic designing, digital marketing, etc. which will help get better jobs in the market.
  • Students will have to take preparation for MBA Entrance Exams in order to study MBA after BA.
  • Students with a bachelor degree can study LLB which will last 3 years.




  • Professional resource persons / Session
  • Pedagogy and teaching methodology
  • Industry Certification / Internships
  • Job Oriented Certifications

B.A. Journalism, Psychology and Communicative English

BA (Psy, J, CE) Course gives the students a substantial opening to use media in new and creative ways by understanding how psychology and media work together. Communicative English as an elective provides ample opportunities for students to develop their creativity, sharpen critical and analytical skills, and enhance their language proficiency.

The course is appropriate to comprehend the knowledge, skills and values that are important for students to acquire in an Undergraduate major (Psychology: Communicative English: Journalism).


Psychology subject seeks to introduce the students to various psychological processes and familiarize them with different branches of psychology with a view to developing a holistic outlook towards life and prepare them for a great career ahead.


Journalism course intends to make student ready for a career in print journalism and related areas. The core papers, covers a broad spectrum of areas of journalism and mass communication

Communicative English

Communicative English refers to English which helps to communicate effectively with people using language functions.

Course Benefits

The course helps to foster the development of lifelong learning skills and include competencies that will prepare students for entrance into Universities, placements and others. The course is beneficial to provide a firm foundation for the students to either directly get into media or go in for higher studies. Students can have jobs in news and media companies. They can become teachers in government and private and regular basis.

Career Prospects

Social Media Executive, School Counsellor, Content Researcher & Writer, Social Media Analyst, Trainee Reporter, Research Associate

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