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July 2018

Report on the Orientation Programme

Orientation programs facilitate the transition and integration of students into the college learning environment. Proper and complete information in respect of courses and the facilities ensures reduction of stress due to elimination of uncertainty. It also fosters an active problem-solving style, which is a very important life skill. Successful orientation programs provide learning experiences that help students understand and make the requisite adaptations to change.

Dr. N.S.A.M. First Grade College (FGC) organized Orientation Program for the First Year Degree students of 2019 -20 batch on 11 July 2019.

The program began with an invocation rendered by a group of faculty members –Dr. Hemavathi, Dr. MS Annapurna Kishore, and Ms. S R Kavitha.

Dr. J B Janardana, Head of the Department of Languages, delivered an address extending a warm welcome to the Chief Guest and all other dignitaries, as well as the first year students and their parents. After the traditional lamp lighting by the Chief Guest and other invitees, Dr. R. Shanthi Iyer, the Principal, addressed the gathering. In her speech, the Principal explained the need and importance of the orientation program and particularly emphasized on the importance of Attendance, Test, and Discipline. She also explained regarding the rules and regulations of the college to the students and their parents.

The Chief Guest, in his speech, drew upon many important examples to motivate the students and advised them to equip themselves properly to face the challenges in life.

Mr. Rohit Punja, Administrator, NITTE Education Trust (NET) delivered his Presidential address. His speech consisted of two distinct parts – one about the Nitte Education Trust and the other about Dr. N.S.A. M. First Grade College. He talked about NET's 40 years history and the 36 institutions under the Trust --- including Engineering, Medical, Management and other colleges. On the matter of NSAM FGC, he reiterated the importance of discipline and education.

The function formally ended with a vote of thanks proposed by Dr. Hemavathi.Dr. M.S. Annapurna Kishore discharged the role of the Master of Ceremonies (MC).

After the tea break, two separate sessions were conducted for parents and the students. In the Degree Seminar Hall, Dr. Shailaja Shastri conducted a session on ‘PARENTING’ for the parents. All the participating parents appreciated the session.

Separate sessions on Add-On-Courses for CA/CS and Aviation were conducted by Mr. Vamshi and Mr. Bhargabha, respectively.

July 2018

Report on One day FDP

Internal Quality Assurance Committee (IQAC) of Dr N.S.A.M First Grade College had organized a 1-day Faculty Development Program (FDP) on 28 Jul 2018 on the topic “Globalization of Indian Higher Education”. The key note speaker of the programme was Dr Vithal D Potdar, Dean, Nagarjuna group of institutions. Dr Potdar divided his keynote speech into three sections:

  • Globalization of higher education – The American prospective
  • Globalization of Indian Higher Education
  • The Indian Requirement

Faculty members from Dr N.S.A.M First Grade College, Nagarjuna Degree College & other institutions attended the programme.

Dr R Shanthi Iyer, Principal, Dr N.S.A.M First Grade College spoke and expressed her opinion about the present scenario in education sector and also the relevance of education in all sectors of life..
The programme ended with a vote of thanks proposed by Prof Indrakala.

Yashash also gave an elaborate description of the topic covering the important aspects such as scope,objectives, theories of Financial management. There was an interactive session at the end of the presentation and students also put forward various questions.

July 2018

Report on 2 days In-house Faculty Development Program (FDP)

Internal Quality Assurance Committee (IQAC) of Dr N.S.A.M First Grade College arranged a two days long in-house FDP titled “On Hand Training on Excel” on 26-27 Jul 2018.

The programme on the first day (26 Jul) began with a welcome speech by Prof Sandhya. S., Director - IQAC.

Dr Thippeswamy M.N., Prof. & Head of the Department of Computer Science, NMIT, addressed the audience and covered different aspects of MS Office, particularly MS-Word.

Dr Ramachandra and other faculty members of Computer Engineering Department discussed about various uses of MS-Word and Power Point Presentation.

On the second day, (27 Jul) the session began with welcome speech by Prof Aasha, Head of the Department of Commerce & Management. The day’s programme covered various aspects of MS-Word especially Google Form, Google Doc, Google Group etc. All the trainees were given practical experience in the lab by the Engineering faculty members. Dr Ramachandra discussed about MS- Excel in detail elaborating various functions of MS-Excel.

Principal Dr R. Shanti Iyer spoke about the relevance of MS Office in today’s world. She also appreciated the whole hearted support received from engineering faculty for arranging the training program.

The programme ended with a vote of thanks proposed by Prof Rajeshwari.

Mar 2019

Guest Lecture - Marketing Management and International Business

The Academic Committee of Dr. N.S.A.M. First Grade College organized a Guest Lecture session on the topic "Marketing Management and International Business" for students of I B.Com, and II & III BBA.

The session began with a welcome address according welcome to Mr. Glen Brass, Resource person. This was followed by a brief introduction of the guest to the gathering.

The Resource person explained the relationship between Marketing Management and International Business. Further, he brought out the need and importance of Business Ethics in Marketing and influence of Culture in global business. He also spoke about the various job opportunities and business opportunities in the field of Commerce and Management.

The session was concluded with a vote of thanks.

The session was interesting, informative and very useful to the students.

Mar 2019

Inauguration of Gandhi Study Centre

Gandhi Study Centre Committee of Dr. N.S.A.M First Grade College organized the inauguration of “Gandhi Study Centre” on 21 mar 2019 in the college.

In response to the invitation of the committee, Dr. Wooday P Krishna, President Karnataka Gandhi Smaraka Nidhi, and Hon. Secretary Seshadripuram Education Trust, Bengaluru, inaugurated the centre by cutting the ribbon and garlanding Gandhiji’s bust. He went around the centre and appreciated the initiative taken by the institution.

The function scheduled at the Seminar Hall began with a traditional invocation. A lamp was lit by the chief guest, the Principal, and members of the committee, symbolising the start of proceedings. Dr. J B Janardana,Head of the Department of Languages, delivered the welcome speech and introduced the chief guest to the audience.

Dr. Wooday P Krishna talked extensively about Gandhiji’s life and works. The esteemed chief guest provided a rare insight into the different dimensions of Gandhiji’s life. He advised the students to learn about Gandhiji and follow his principles in life. In his inspirational speech, he told the students how he was inspired by Gandhiji’s philosophy and decided to follow his principles in his personal life.

Dr. R. Shanti Iyer, Principal, felicitated the chief guest and delivered her Presidential speech.

Mr. Abhijit Naha, Convener of Gandhi Study Centre, proposed a Vote of Thanks.

Mar 2019

An Inspirational Talk By Mr. G.K.Mahanthesh

Student Council of Dr. N.S.A.M First Grade College organized a programme “An Inspirational Talk” on 09 Mar 2019 at the college seminar hall. The program for the day consisted of an inspiring lecture by Mr. G. K. Mahantesh, Founder Managing Trustee, “SAMARTHANAM”, an NGO from JP Nagar, Bangalore.

The programme began with an invocation by Yukta Mukhi, a student of IV sem B.Com. Dr. J B Janardana, Head of the Department of Languages, addressed the gathering extending a warm welcome to all and providing an introduction of the invited speaker to the audience.

In his speech, Mr. G.K. Mahantesh discussed elaborately about his life’s journey as a visually challenged person and how he faced all challenges of life and became a self-reliant person. He spoke about the inspiration he received to start the organization “Samarthanam”. He advised the students to move ahead and take up the challenges to gain more confidence and contribute usefully to the society.

The principal, Dr. R. Shanti Iyer felicitated the chief guest and in her speech discussed the relevance of the programme.

Mr. Abhijit Naha, Convener of Student Council proposed a Vote of Thanks.

Mar 2018

Two Day Faculty Development Program on Basics of Phonetics

The Internal Quality Assurance Committee (IQAC) took a welcome step by organizing a 2-day Faculty Development Programme on “Basics of Phonetics”. The programme was developed and conducted by our respected former Principal Prof. R. Victor. This Two day programme was scheduled on 22 & 23 March, 2019 at our seminar Hall.

The programme began with welcome speech by Prof. Bhavya , Coordinator of IQAC and the chief guest was introduced by Prof. Aasha, Head of the Department of Commerce & Management, Dr. N.S.A.M First Grade College. The Faculty Development Program (FDP) was attended by all faculty members with great enthusiasm and interest to improve their pronunciation and to speak faultless English.

The Two-Day programme was very helpful and interesting . All the teachers were immensely benefited by this programme.

Prof Victor conducted the sessions very meticulously through several activities and phonetic exercises. He emphasized the importance of accurate pronunciation resulting in proper delivery which help one to speak English without having any kind of regional influences.

The 2-day programme was very helpful and interesting. All the teachers were immensely benefited by this programme.

Dr. R. Shanti Iyer, Principal, also attended the sessions; addressing the gathering, she pointed out the necessity and importance of this kind of FDP.

At the end of the session Prof Victor was felicitated by the Principal Dr R. Shanti Iyer.

Mar 2018

One Day Workshop on “Classroom Language Pedagogy at Tertiary Level”

The Department of Languages, Dr. N.S.A.M First Grade College in collaboration with BUTEA, organized a 1-day workshop on the topic “Classroom Language Pedagogy at Tertiary Level” at the college seminar hall on 26 Mar 2019.

The Workshop began with an invocation; subsequently, all dignitaries along with the College Principal lit the lamp symbolising the inauguration of the event.

Dr. J B Janardana, Head of the department of Languages, Dr N.S.A.M First Grade College, began the proceedings by introducing the dignitaries to the participants of the Workshop from various colleges; Dr. M.C. Prakash, Principal of V. V. S. College, was the Chief guest; Dr. Thammaiah, Secretary, BUETA, was the Guest of Honour; and Dr. R. Geetha , Professor, Bangalore University, was the designated resource person for the morning session.

The Chief Guest Dr M. C. Prakash, in his Key Note speech, elaborately discussed the relevance of the Workshop. In his speech he mentioned the importance of language in Teaching – Learning process. He appreciated Dr N.S.A.M First Grade College for taking the initiative in this matter.

In her address, Dr. R. Shanti Iyer, Principal, Dr N.S.A.M. First Grade College, appreciated the support extended by BUETA to organize the Workshop and expressed her desire to organize many more programmes with BUETA.

Dr. R. shanti Iyer felicitated Dr. M.C. Prakash, Dr. Thammaiah and Dr. R. Geetha.

Mr. Abhijit Naha, faculty from Dept. of English proposed the Vote of Thanks at the end of the formal function.

Dr. R. Geetha began the Morning Session with the topic “Changing Methodology: The Challenging Roles of English Language Teachers”. She discussed about the changing methodology and the roles and responsibilities of the English Language Teachers. She conducted her session with a lot of interactions and activities. The session was immensely beneficial to the audience.

Dr. D. Yogananda Rao, Professor PG Dept. of English, Jain University, began the Afternoon Session with his topic “Teaching – Writing Skills”.

In his session Dr Yogananda illustrated the different techniques to write an effective paragraph. He emphasized following five main steps:

  • Develop a topic sentence
  • Demonstrate the point of the proposition
  • Provide support and elaborate on the meaning
  • Conclude
  • Re-read, revise and complete spell check

Participants of the programme received their certificates from Dr Yogananda Rao.

Dec 2018

One Day Faculty Development Program on “Training on Counseling Skills”

Counselling Cell and Internal Quality Assurance Committee (IQAC) of Dr N.S.A.M First Grade College in association with “Training and Research initiative” organized a 1-day Faculty Development Program (FDP) on “Training on Counselling Skills” at the College Seminar Hall on 04 Dec 2018.

Programme began with a formal introduction by Dr Annapurna Kishore. Dr Shailaja Shastri, Founder of Training and Research Initiative, was the Resource Person. Dr. R Shanti Iyer, Principal, Dr. N.S.A.M First Grade College was present for the session.

Dr Shastri began the session with the topic “Managing students – The way forward….” with the objective “Keep flying high!” The purpose of this activity was to find out the ways of keeping the students highly mindful - To learn to work as a team and to grab opportunities.

Another activity of the session was “Locomotion of the Bus”. This activity demonstrated the power of team work.

Next, Dr Shastri moved to another topic “Analysing our student community” making Positive and Concerned charts.

Following areas of concern needing improvement were noted:

  • Changing the exam oriented approach to Teaching – Learning
  • Transforming into an industry oriented study
  • Student interaction time
  • Distraction due to Technology

Enhancement of communication skills, enhancing the intrinsic motivation – career goals of the student community were considered important Ms. Sandhya, Director, IQAC and Assistant Professor, Dr. N.S.A.M First Grade College, proposed a vote of thanks.

The audience opined that the session was fruitful and interesting as the participants were able to improve their skill of handling students.

Nov 2018

Faculty Development Program on “Reasoning and Aptitude Test”

Internal Quality Assurance Committee (IQAC) organized a Faculty Development Program (FDP) titled “Reasoning and Aptitude Test”, on Thursday, the 29th November 2018, at the Dr N.S.A.M First Grade College Seminar Hall, focusing on UGC NET and SLET examinations.

Mr. Vinayak Cheluvanth was invited as the resource person and introduced by Prof. Janardhan J B, Head of the Department of Language.

Principal Dr. R Shanti Iyer addressed the gathering and emphasized the importance of reasoning and aptitude training.

Mr. Cheluvanth started the session with an introduction to mathematical reasoning and explained easy and quick methods of solving mathematical problems like squaring of digits, multiplications and equations and a host of other important techniques on various calculation methods. The resource person also provided guidance to solve previous years question bank.

The participants felt that the session was interesting, informative, interactive and very useful and helped boost their confidence to face the UGC NET and SLET.

Sep 2018

Report on One Day Conclave for PU College Principals

Dr. N.S.A.M First Grade College conducted one day conclave for PU College Principals on 18 Sep 2018.
The theme of the conclave was “Roadmap to the future: Challenges and Possibilities in Academic Leadership”.
The program began with a traditional invocation followed by lighting of lamp by the dignitaries.
Principal Dr R Shanthi Iyer, extended a warm welcome to all; Mr. Rohit Punja, Administrator, Nitte Education Trust (NET), gave a bird’s eye view of NET and its journey in imparting education.
Ms. Bhavya K R, Assistant Professor, Dr N.S.A.M First Grade College introduced the key note speaker, Dr K T S Lakshmi.
The speaker began her talk by pointing out the higher and special significance of the roles and responsibilities of PU College Principals. , because the students under their care were in their adolescence stage.
She reiterated that PU Education was an extremely critical stage in the education system. She further said that the Principals should identify and recognize the teacher leaders and allow them to blossom. She listed out the challenges in Academic Leadership as a tightrope walking, and the Principals should nurture individual excellence. Teachers/administrators should not be in “Comfort Zone”, should sustain the innovative spirit continuously.
The keynote address was followed by a panel discussion entitled “Mentoring the millennials: the Role of Teachers”. The moderator of the program was Dr Prof Ashok, Chairperson, Dept of Psychology, Bangalore University. The panellists were Dr Cherian Alexander, HOD of English, St. Joseph’s Arts and Science College, Bangalore, Dr Vibhavari Kumar, Associate Professor, NIFT, Bangalore, and Dr Jayarama Shetty, Prof of Management, Nitte School of Management, Bangalore.
The moderator and the panellists were introduced by Dr Shailja Shastri, Counsellor, Dr NSAM First Grade College. The panellists pondered over the effects of modern gadgets widely used by the young, the influence of media and the pervasive mall-culture on the young minds. They also discussed about the need for employees to handle the youngsters with empathy.
Further panellists also supported ideas of spreading happiness unconditionally, positive functioning and being a role-model for the youngsters. They opined that induction system of mentoring in educational institution was the most important factor in shaping the attitude of the students.
The participants received required clarifications by seeking answers to their questions. The event concluded with a vote of thanks.

July 2018

Orientation day program for First year B.Com and BBA course

Orientation program was organized on 5 Jul 2018, for Parents and students of First year B.Com and BBA course.

Morning session program commenced with the invocation by college prayer team. The lighting of the lamp signifying the spreading of knowledge was done by Dr Shanti Iyer, Principal, Dr. NSAM First Grade College, together with the parents and students of First Year. She spoke on vision and mission of Nitte Education Trust and the values which the institution has been following since inception.

Prof Aasha, Head of the Department of Commerce and Management, introduced all the members of the teaching and non-teaching staff. Feedback from parents was also sought.

The First session of Orientation program concluded with a Vote of thanks.

The Second session of Orientation program was arranged for the parents of students who were seeking admission to Dr N S A M First Grade College.

Prof. K Raghothama Rao, Chairman, Seek Foundation (School for Ecological Education), and Karnataka Academy for Television Arts (KAFTA), Bangalore, addressed the parents on the topic “Joyful parenting”. This session was enjoyed a lot by all the parents in which they were taught how to be with their children inside and outside of their home.

Mr Rohit Punja, Administrator, NET, addressed the gathering during this session and was followed by Mr. Vamshi Shriram, Co- Founder, Proedge Private Limited, who spoke about various programs provided by Proedge for students’ personal as well as academic progress.

Finally, the program concluded with a vote of thanks which was followed by lunch.

Mar 2018

Programmme by Students’ Council

Students’ Council of Dr. N S A M First Grade College organized a programme for II Sem B.Com and BBA students on 21Mar 2018 at the college seminar hall.

The programme titled “How to overcome the fear of platform performance” was basically designed for the students keeping in mind the reasons which adversely affect their communication skills, ‘fear’ being the most common barrier.

Ms. Swathi Nandini, an alumnus of Dr. N S A M First Grade College, was the speaker for the programme. Mr. Abhijit Naha, Convener of Students’ Council of Dr. N S A M First Grade College gave a welcome address according a welcome to the invited speaker.

Ms. Swathi Nandini presented the topic with visual illustrations and gave a demonstration of some activities with the students. The speaker also mentioned about four fundamental reasons of fear like

  • Anxiety to deliver communication
  • Failure of correlation
  • Improper judgment and
  • Self-deprecation.

Methods to overcome these common failings and deliver the message with confidence were explained. The students enjoyed the programme and were immensely benefited.

Dr Shailaja Shastri also graced the occasion and spoke about the relevance of conducting this kind of programme for the benefit of the students.

The session ended with a vote of thanks.

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