Scholarships & Concessions

The Nitte Education Trust is known for its philanthropy. In keeping with the values and vision of the Trust both Dr. NSAM First Grade and the Pre University College offer fee concessions to the meritorious and the economically weaker students. Students belonging to the scheduled castes/tribes and OBCs also get scholarships as given in the separate table shown.

Concessions for Meritorious Students
% Obtained By Candidate % of Concession Fee Concession Amount Payable
Above 90% 20% Rs. 7000.00 Rs.28000.00
Between 80.1% & 90% 15% Rs. 5250.00 Rs. 29750.00
Between 70.1 % and 80% 10% Rs. 3500.00 Rs. 31500.00

Concessions for Socio - Economic Reasons
Nitte Rs. 3000.00
Others Rs. 2000.00

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