On the auspicious day of Saraswati Puja.

On the auspicious day of Saraswati Puja, on 28-9-17, the students and faculty members of both Dr. NSAM FGC and PU, came together to seek the blessings of the Goddess of Knowledge, music, art and culture. The ritual was graced by Dr. Shanthi Iyer, Principal, FGC and Ms. Chithra S.P, PUC Principal and all the teaching faculty members and students of both the institutions. Both the faculty members and students joined hands together, with great zeal to make the event a memorable one by invoking the blessings of Saraswati to have a successful academic and career growth. The Puja was followed by the distribution of Prasadam.

The InQuizzitive Minds - Quiz challenge.

We, at Dr. NSAM PU College provide opportunity to showcase the students' talent by creating platforms. Career Launcher team had organized "The InQuizzitive Minds - Quiz challenge" for both I and II PUC students on 27-9-2017.

A special Counselling Session was conducted for 1st and 2nd PU students on 20-09-17 and 26-9-17.

A special Counselling Session was conducted for 1st and 2nd PU students on 20-09-17 and 26-9-17 in various batches as a part of the "Interact Club Activity" by Dr. Shailaja Shastri , counsellor , Dr. NSAM FGC and Dr. NSAM PU college , in order to motivate the students to prepare themselves for the upcoming exams. The session was started by conducting an activity, where in the students were divided into groups and a task was given where they needed to finish it within 15 minutes. The activity was followed by a special lecture titled,"Taking up Responsibility" delivered by Dr. Shailaja Shastri.

Peer Monitoring Program.

As part of Peer Monitoring Program, the final year B.Com Students of Dr.NSAM FGC Ms. Ranjita and Ms. Ramya T prepared and presented a PPT for II PUC Commerce students of Dr.NSAM PU College on the topic “Sources of Business Finance” on Saturday, 16th September, 2017. They discussed on various areas of Business Finance like Different Terms of Finance, Internal and External Sources, Retained Earnings, Trade Credit, Factoring, Leasing, Public Deposit, Commercial Banks, Commercial Papers and Financial Institutions.

Eco Club activity- Ozone day celebration.

Dr NSAM PU College observed World Ozone Day on 16th September, 2017 as part of Eco Club activity. On this day, a special speech was given by a 2nd year student in the assembly. Later, Poster Making Activity was conducted for both 1st P U and 2nd P U students.

Final Volley Ball and Throw Ball matches were held on 15-9-17.

We, at Dr. NSAM PU College believe that "Sports do not build character. They reveal it". Final Volley Ball and Throw Ball matches were held on 15-9-17 between II Comm. I Comm. B section boys and I science and II science girls. The match was inaugurated by Dr. Shanthi Iyer, Principal, FGC, and Ms. Chithra S.P, PU Principal.

I PU Commerce B boys emerged winners of Volley Ball match and II PU Science girls emerged winners of Throw Ball match.


The Teachers' Day was celebrated on 9 th September, 2017 with the combined efforts of both Dr. NSAM FGC and PUC students, as part of integration of both sister institutions. Both the Principals and lecturers were honoured by the students on this occasion.

Cultural performances viz., dance, solo song etc. were showcased by the students followed by fun-filled activities and competitions organized by the students for all the lecturers. Both students and lecturers alike enjoyed the program. The students through this program pay their respect to their teachers. The program was followed by lunch for all.


Art speaks where words are unable to explain!

Dr. NSAM PU College conducted Cultural Competition for the off-stage events, namely, Rangoli, Tattoo , Greeting Card making and Face Painting on 6th September, 2017. Both I and II PU Commerce and Science students actively participated and exhibited their creativity using various hues and shades for all the above events.

FDP Programme by Dr. Shirin Antony

We, at Dr. NSAM PU College believe that learning is a life-long process and teachers need to constantly update their knowledge, skills and their abilities to keep pace with today's dynamic globalized world.

Keeping this as the core aim, the college organized a one day Faculty Development Program on 21st August, 2017.17 faculty members including PU and FGC Principals participated in the FDP. The Resource person for the day was Dr. Shirin Antony,clinical psychologist,Acharya college,Training and Research Institute. The workshop was an excellent introspective session, directed towards excellent practical learning. The participants were also imparted and empowered of new perspective of thinking out of the box. To be an excellent teacher, one should be humane in treating the students along with imparting knowledge and helping them in their holistic development. The FDP was an eye opener as it made us realize that one needs to be humane and emotionally strong while teaching profession.

The participants thank the management and both the Principals of PU and FGC for organizing the FDP.

Dr. NSAM PU College had arranged an informative workshop, conducted by Dr. Anandi Giridharan, principal research scientist, Indian Institute of Science, on the following topics

  1. Internet concepts
  2. Simple webpage design using markup language
  3. Application layer

Potential talents showcased @ the Cultural and literary competitions held on 15-7-17.

Cultural and literary competitions were held on 15-7-17 to showcase the talents of the students. in...

  1. Drawing : Emotive drawing
  2. Painting : Painting on ice cream stick
  3. Mehandi : Rajasthan bridal design
  4. Essay

The college debate competition for the students of I PU and II PU was held on 8-7-17.

Dr. NSAM PU college conducts activities that are both enjoyable and educational. The college debate competition for the students of I PU and II PU was held on 8-7-17.

The representatives of the various teams spoke fluently and convincingly on the topics assigned to them. They cited reasons and supported them with meaningful examples from real life, to justify their stand.

24 June 2017 was a memorable day in the life of every I PU student at Dr NSAM PU college.

24 June 2017 was a memorable day in the life of every I PU student at Dr NSAM PU college. The day was filled with excitement, joy, music and laughter. The program started with a prayer and lighting of the ceremonial lamp followed by the welcome address. Students of I PU were formally welcomed by senior student Navisha. The chief guest for the day was Prof. Ranganath Setty, Dean, NMIT. He addressed the gathering on the importance of discipline and positive attitude and also assured all the young minds that they can continue their higher education in one among 36+ institutions under NET after their completion of PUC. Dr. Meera krishnappa, Special officer , NMIT, and Dr. Shanthi Iyer , Principal, FGC addressed the gathering and wished all students good luck in their new journey at Dr NSAM PUC. Thereafter, there were several cultural events. Dhanushree and Rohit Rai were crowned the title of Ms and Mst Fresher.The program concluded with the vote of thanks by senior student Balabheema and by a sumptuous lunch.

International Yoga Day was celebrated at Dr. NSAM PU College on 21-06-2017.

International Yoga Day was celebrated at Dr. NSAM PU College on 21-06-2017. I PUC Commerce students, Mohan and Niteesh demonstrated a few yoga asanas and Divya of II PUC Commerce shared a few thoughts on the importance of Yoga in our life. Further, II PUC students along with a couple of faculties joined NMIT Yoga session, where we had an hour of yoga practice session.

Orientation Day for I PUC students was organized at Dr. NSAM PU College on 8th June 2017.

Orientation Day for I PUC students was organized at Dr. NSAM PU College on 8th June 2017. The Chief Guest of the occasion was Dr. Shailaja Shastri, who is the founder Director of Training and Research Initiatives (TRI). Earlier, she was the Professor and Head at the Department of Psychology, Jain University. Guest of Honour was Mr. Rohit Punja, Administrator, NET. While addressing the students, Dr. Shailaja Shastri emphasized the need for setting goals. She also talked about the numerous ways to overcome the obstacles that come in the way of achievement of goals. This concept was demonstrated through PPT presentation, videos and fun-filled activities in which the students actively participated. Mr. Rohit Punja and Dr. NSAM PU College Principal, Chithra S P, also delivered a motivational speech to the students. This was followed by introduction of lecturers. Code of Conduct was read out and the calendar of events for the academic year 2017-2019 was also distributed to the parents. Queries related to transport were addressed by one of the lecturers, Mr. Sreedhara. The programme concluded with a vote of thanks. All students were taken for a campus visit thereafter.

Environment Day Celebration.

Dr. NSAM PU College, celebrated world's environment day at government high school, Jalige on 5th June, 2017. The Dignitaries who spoke on dais were the chief guest Mrs. Sowmya babu, The panchayat president of Jalige ; Mr. Nagaraj, Cluster resource person; Mr. Muniraju, Block Resource person ; Mr.Raghavendra; Mrs. Ashalatha , Head mistress , Mrs. Chitra S.P, Dr. NSAM PU principal.

It was followed by cultural activities performed by both Dr. Nsam PU students and government school students based on the theme of environment day. Later all the dignitaries , lecturers , teachers and students of both the institution joined to plant a saplings as the part of environment day, to bring the awareness of "Connecting people with Nature". Dr. NSAM PU college gifted small mementos to the students of government high school, Jalige

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