Dr. NSAM PUC had arranged a workshop for the students on 5-12-2015 based on the survey result regarding the various challenges faced by them both academically and personally. The workshop was conducted by Mrs.Vijayam Kartha, an eminent educationalist, recipient of several awards including the President's award for the best teacher. Our Principal, Mrs. Rajalakshmy.K.P., welcomed the chief guest and addressed the gathering.

The workshop started with a power point presentation on the topic, 'Towards a Life of My Dream.' She explained the importance of maintaining a journal or a record of one's dreams. Citing various examples from life, she elaborated the numerous obstacles to a student's academic and personal growth. The main areas where the students need personalized attention like academic result, his/her future, financial status, social status, procrastination, relationships with the opposite gender, looks, health, etc. were discussed in detail including appropriate solution for all problems. Mrs. Vijayam Kartha stated that the habit of reading helps one to accept oneself. She shared her personal stories to inspire and motivate the students to relate to life in a much positive way. She also asserted that to accept oneself and to work with one's shortcomings is one of the gateways to achieve success in life. Importance of doing Yoga, Pranayama, and Meditation was mentioned. She stated that in today's world, unempolyability is the problem.


Next, she emphasised the ASK Principle, the abbreviated form of Attitude, Skills, and Knowledge, out of which, Attitude holds the primary position. Finally, Mrs. Vijayam Kartha summarized the workshop by listing out the various tools to lead a 'Life of My Dream' as follows:

  1. Accept oneself.
  2. Beware of thoughts. Thoughts become 'things.'
  3. Power within subconscious mind, tap it through visualization, affirmation, and positive self-talk. 'World is a catalogue'; order the best from it.
  4. Whatever you focus, it expands.
  5. Gratitude: Start a gratitude journal; the more you are grateful, universe gives you more opportunities to be grateful.
  6. Meditation: Start and end the day with 5 minutes meditation. Many benefits include increase in concentration, anger management etc.
  7. Give to receive : Whatever you wish to receive, give.
  8. 'To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.'
  9. Be courageous : Whatever you fear, it persists.
  10. Forgive oneself and others.
  11. Bless everyone: Rejoice in others' achievements; pray for universal peace and harmony - 'loka samastha sukhino bhavanthu'.

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