Dr. NSAM PUC arranged an FDP for both PU and FGC staff on 5-12-2015 on ' Challenges faced by teachers in today's world and Classroom management'. FDP was conducted by Mrs.Vijayam Kartha, an eminent educationalist, recipient of several awards including the President's award for the best teacher. Welcome speech was given by Dr.Meera Krishnappa, Principal, FGC.

Trip was refreshing for students, a deviation from their usual routine. We thank our management and our Principal who organized the trip.


Mrs. Vijayam Kartha summarized the challenges in classroom teaching

  1. Providing individual attention
  2. Dealing with indiscipline.
  3. Parental expectation.
  4. Student's attitude.
  5. Teacher's own knowledge base.
  6. Workload.
  7. Expectations from college management.

She recommended the remedies for the same as follows:

  1. To find out the source of indiscipline
  2. Children always respond to love and genuine concern, to accept them unconditionally.
  3. Knowing the students and showing care.
  4. Teacher decides the classroom climate.
  5. A teacher affects eternity.
  6. Discussion of only positive stories in the staff room.
  7. To ensure that all the students understood the subject.

Mrs. Vijayam Kartha also elaborated on giving personalized attention to the students and and making lessons interesting and meaningful.

  1. Peer help/mentoring.
  2. To encourage queries and to listen with rapt attention.
  3. Extra reading and thorough preparation of lessons.
  4. Explanation of lessons taking instances from real life.
  5. Encouraging seminars and group discussions.

She also spoke at length on how to deal with student's attitude as mentioned below.

  1. Teachers are role models.
  2. Expose the students to people from different walks of life.
  3. Share latest news on burning topics.
  4. Undertake community work; provide real life experiences .
  5. Awareness among teachers that they also were students once and the influence their teachers had in their life.

The FDP was very interactive, beneficial, and had a great influence on all the teachers. Mrs. Vijayam Kartha's real life experiences gave new insights to the teachers to have a better understanding of their role as teachers and how they can influence the students.

The session concluded with a vote of thanks delivered by Ms. Nanditha.

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