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World Environment Day

Dr. N.S.A.M. PU College celebrated World Environment Day on 8th June, 2019. The program started with an invocation song by II PUC science student followed by the lamp lighting ceremony by faculties and students. Welcome speech was delivered by Kusuma V II commerce. Mr.Rakesh, Lecturer in Mathematics emphasised the importance of Environment Day with a melodious song. Later, II PUC students along with lecturers gifted saplings to I PUC students.

Bhavana of II science delivered the speech regarding the importance of Environment and causes for pollution in the environment. The program was concluded by vote of thanks proposed by Yashashwini of II commerce.

Orientation Program - SANKALP 2019

The Orientation program was organized on 1st July, 2019 for I PUC students. Parents were also invited to the program. The program started with a traditional lamp lighting ceremony along with an invocation song by Mr.Rakesh, lecturer in mathematics. Mrs. Chithra S P, Principal, Dr.N.S.A.M. PU College gave brief insights about the Nitte Education Trust.

Parents of Commerce and Science students were addressed by the respective co-ordinators. They explained about the curricular and co-curricular activities, pattern of examination and transport facilities.

The program was concluded by a formal vote of thanks proposed by Ravi Kumar, Lecturer in Commerce. The parents participated extensively in the program and went with a great pride to be a part of the Nitte organisation.

Faculty development Program by FinStart

Dr. N.S.A.M. PU College had organised Faculty Development Program on 8th April 2019 at the college campus. Mr. Achut K Pandurangi and Mr. Sreenivasan T Seshacharya of FinStart IMF LLP conducted very informative and thought-provoking sessions. The teachers were asked to introduce themselves with their strength and dream.

The morning session began with the concept of VAK (Visual Auditory Kinesthetics) in student behaviour. The questionnaire in VAK helped the teachers to analyse their behaviour type. It was followed by a group activity to discuss and present the various teaching methodologies which can be adopted in classroom using VAK, “How will you make thinking type to your benefit?” The session also threw light on the importance of body language component which amounts 55% in communication and interpersonal skills. Mr. Achut discussed regarding the rights and responsibilities of the teacher, types of communication and traits required to be a good oral communicator.

The afternoon session was taken by Mr. Sreenivasan on the concept of Empathy. The session elaborated the definition, elements and different types of Empathy. He also discussed the significance of Empathy in teaching profession and its difference from sympathy.

The Team Building activity helped the teachers to understand the importance of planning, strategy and execution. Overall Faculty Development Program was worthwhile and need of hour.


“To part is the lot of all mankind. The world is a scene of constant leave-taking, and the hands that grasp in cordial greeting today, are doomed ere long to unite for the last time, when the quivering lips pronounce the word – Farewell.”

The farewell began with Saraswathi Pooja, where the Principal, lecturers and students sought the blessings of Goddess Saraswathi. The formal function began with an invocation song by I PUC students. It was followed by the auspicious lighting of the lamp by the Chief Guest, Dr. Shanthi Iyer, Principal, Dr. N.S.A.M. FGC. The Chief guest of the day motivated the out-going students and blessed for their upcoming Board Examination. Mrs. Chithra. S.P, Principal, Dr. N.S.A.M. PU College delivered the farewell note and wished the outgoing batch all the success in their upcoming life.

The prize distribution took place for best outgoing students, academic toppers, and winners for the various sports and cultural events conducted by Dr. N.S.A.M. PU College for the academic year 2018-19.

Best Outgoing Student Awards were bagged by Rohith Rai of Commerce and Gagana.G of Science. Toppers in Academics Awards went to Rupa.S of Commerce and Meghana.K.R of Science. 100% Attendance Awards were bagged by Aasiya.S of Science and Ruchitha.L.S of Commerce.

National Youth Day

“Neither money pays, nor name, nor learning; it is CHARACTER that can cleave through adamantine walls of difficult”. – Swami Vivekananda

National Youth Day (Yuva Diwas) which commemorate the birthday of Swami Vivekananda was celebrated at Dr. NSAM PU College with great joy and enthusiasm on 12th January, 2019. The aim of the program was to convey the ideas and ideals of Swami Vivekananda among the youths of India. It is an effort to wake up the eternal energy of the youths as well as to inspire them to contribute towards the development of the nation.

Prajwal and Nuthan, II PUC students spoke about Swami Vivekananda and his iconic speech at the Chicago Convention of Parliament of Religions. Mr. Raghavendra Prasad, Lecturer in English, emphasised the importance of Character in the life by stating the proverb, “When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, everything is lost”.

Annual Sports Day

The much awaited Annual Sports Day was organised by Dr. NSAM Pre-University College on 31st December, 2018 with great zeal and excitement at the college campus. Dr. Shanti Iyer, Principal, Dr. NSAM First Grade College inaugurated the event. Volley Ball and Throw Ball Final matches were conducted for boys and girls respectively. The students played with great enthusiasm and sports man spirit.

To keep up the spirit in the students, a friendly Kabaddi Match between I PUC and II PUC students was organised. The event was inaugurated by Mr. Chiranjeevi, Asst. Professor, Dr.NSAM FGC.

"Bole Sankara" - Kannada Drama by Pre-University Board

The Karnataka Pre-University Board organized an enacting of Kannada drama “Bole Sankara”, which is included in the prescribed I PUC Kannada syllabus, for the I PUC students on 27th December, 2018. Students enjoyed the play and thanked both the PU Board and the college for the visual representation of the play.

Karnataka Rajyotsava Celebration

Dr. NSAM Pre-University College along with First Grade College enthusiastically celebrated Karnataka Rajyotsava on 16th November 2018, Friday at the college campus. Dr.Bairamangala Rame Gowda, Member of Karnataka Sahitya Academy, Bangalore was the Chief Guest for the occasion. The Chief Guest along with the other dignitaries unfurled the Karnataka state flag.

When the flag was unfurled, students and teachers sang 'Nada Geeta’ that marked the spirit of the day. Dr.Bairamangala Rame Gowda spoke about the simplicity of Kannada language and encouraged the students to learn Kannada and to teach Kannada to other non-native speakers. Our students also enthralled the audiences by their dancing and singing skills.

Rangoli Making and Diya Painting Competitions

The Cultural Committee of Dr. NSAM PU College organised “Rangoli Making and Diya Painting Competition” on 9th November 2018 at the college campus.

Rangoli is an artistic celebration of colours. The students exhibited their flair in the art by making beautiful Rangoli designs using geometrical shapes, deity impressions and floral motifs. Diya brings the light to the world. Diya painting sensitised the importance of Diyas. The competitions encouraged the students to think and work creatively and promote artistic excellence.

Eco Club Activity

To spread the awareness about global and local environmental issues and to educate the students on the relationship between man and the environment, the Eco Club of Dr. NSAM PU College organised a guest Talk for the students on 31st October 2018. The Guest speaker was Mr. K. Gurudev, Water and Sanitation Specialist at Mythri Servaseva Samiti.

The event started with an invocation song followed by the auspicious lighting of the lamp. Mr.Gurudev emphasised on the harm done by the human to the habitats of millions of creatures living on the Earth. He also illustrated about the effects of pollution on health with the help of posters and examples. The session was very informative and valuable for the students. The event ended with handing over honorarium to the Guest.

Faculty Development Program

With the aim of equipping faculty members with required skills and knowledge, Dr. NSAM PU College organised One Day Faculty Development Program on 11th October 2018. The Guest speaker for the day was Prof. Jayaram Shetty, Nitte School of Management. He explained the contributions of “Mankutimmana Kagga” in the field of education. He selected certain phrases and related them with the classroom environment. The interactive session turned out to be a great motivation for the faculty members to introspect themselves and to work for the upliftment of the institution.

Essay Writing, Face Painting and Tattoo Competitions

To showcase the creative writing skills of the students, Literary Club of Dr. NSAM PU College organised an ‘Essay Writing’ Competition on 22nd September, 2018. A good number of students participated in the competition. All essay were well written and highly acclaimed by the Judges.

On the same day, Cultural Committee of the college also organised ‘Tattoo’ and ‘Face Painting’ Competitions. Many students from I and II PUC took part in the competitions. Students showed their enthusiasm and exhibited their talents by creating beautiful tattoos and painting faces elegantly.

Personality Advancement Program

The Interact Club of Dr. NSAM PU College organised a ‘Personality Advancement Program’ for the students on 20th September, 2018. The Guest talk was delivered by a famous speaker, Adv. Mr. Suresh Gowda – ‘The Karnataka Big Brother’. The session helped the students to instil moral qualities in them. Mr. Gowda made a critical note on the value of guardians and educators in a pupil’s life. He clarified the hurtful impacts of internet-based life and cell phones with the genuine life occurrences. He focused on the issue that if someone sincerely use their aptitudes and abilities then they can make progress throughout the life. The session was very informative and valuable for the students.

Spell Bee, Hair Styling and Greeting Card Making Competitions

Spell Bee’ and ‘Hair Styling’ and ‘Greeting Card Making’ competitions were organised by Literary Club and Cultural Committee respectively of Dr. NSAM PU College on 8th September, 2018 at the College Campus. The students exhibited their linguistic skills in Spell Bee and their creative skills in Hair Styling and Greeting Card Making Competitions.

Teachers’ Day Celebration

‘True teachers are those who help us think for ourselves’ – Dr. S. Radhakrishnan.

Teachers’ Day which marks the birth day of the great teacher, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was celebrated at Dr. NSAM PU College on 5th September, 2018. There was an extraordinary excitement in the college atmosphere which was quite contagious. Teachers’ Day is a special day to appreciate the contributions of the teachers towards nation building. It creates a strong bond between teacher and student relationship. The celebration began with presenting gifts to the teachers as a token of respect to the teachers by the students. The cultural programme and various games were organised by the students. Both teachers and students enjoyed the day.

Industrial Visit to KMF Unit – Mother Dairy

Dr. NSAM PU College organised an Industrial visit to KMF Unit – Mother Dairy, Yelahanka, Bangalore on 1st September, 2018. The students acquired knowledge regarding the processing of milk and other milk products. An expert from KMF Unit explained regarding the collection of milk, pasteurisation and distribution of dairy products. Students also visited the packaging unit of milk and curd processing unit.

Ethnic Day and Onam Celebrations

“Diversity makes the world beautiful”. Ethnic Day and Onam celebrations were conducted at Dr. NSAM PU College on 25th August, 2018. In the era of modernisation and westernisation, the events like Ethnic Day enables the young generation to revive love and respect for their own culture and tradition. The whole campus was charged with ethnic atmosphere. Prajwal and Misba were crowned the title of Master and Miss Ethnic respectively.

Onam, the Harvest festival of Kerala which marks the homecoming of the legendary King Mahabali was celebrated with high spirit. The students enacted the rule of King Mahabali with a song and a skit. The students welcomed Mahabali with a beauteous flower carpet and the traditional dance form of Kerala, ‘Thiruvathira’.

Sports Tournament – Kabaddi Competition

Kabaddi Competition was organised by Karnataka State Pre-University Board for the colleges in Bangalore North District at Yashas Pre-University College, Chikkabanavara, Bangalore on 19th August, 2018. Four groups consisting of 96 colleges participated in the tournament. The Kabaddi team of Dr. NSAM PU College, led by Hasnain Raza participated in the competition and displayed great enthusiasm and sportsman spirit.

Faculty Development Program (FDP)

Faculty Development Program was organised by Dr. NSAM PU College on 11th August, 2018. Dr. Shailaja Shastri, Counsellor, inaugurated the FDP for the academic year 2018-19 and explained the “Roles and Responsibilities of the Teachers”. The objective of the FDP was to discuss the challenges faced by the teachers and the possibilities to improve the overall academic performance. The interactive session was comprised of different activities which were in turn linked with actual class room situations. At the end of the session, Dr. Shailaja Shastri made each faculty member to think about a very interesting question in the life of every teacher: “How do you want to be remembered by your students?”

Sports Achievement - District Level Chess Competition

The District Level Chess Competition was organised by Karnataka Pre-University Board in collaboration with K.T.S.U.P.U. College, Rajaji Nagar on 9th August 2018. There were 148 boys and 88 girls who participated in the competition from 94 different colleges from Bangalore district. The following students participated from Dr. NSAM PU College and secured the respective ranks:

  • Veena A – 21st Rank
  • Raghavendra A – 41st Rank
  • Rohith Rai – 55th Rank
  • Roshni B – 72nd Rank
  • Manu C – 78th Rank