Evaluation Methodology of NSAM

We conduct regular surprise tests, monthly tests, quarterly exams and preparatory exams to assess the knowledge level of the students.

Test schedule

June 2nd Week Commencement of I PUC

II PU -Unit Test –I (25 marks)

I PU-Diagnostic Test

July 2nd Week Unit Test -2 (25 marks)
August Ist Week Ist Test (Board) (50 marks)
September 2nd Week Unit Test -3 (25 marks)
October 2nd Week Mid-Term Examination (100 marks)
November 2nd Week Unit Test -4 (25 marks)
December 1st Week 2nd Test I&IIPU (Board) (50 marks)

Revision classes

January 2nd Week 1st Pre-Examination (100 marks)

Remedial classes

February 1st Week

2nd Week

3rd Week

3rd Week

Practical Exam I PU

Practical Exam II PU

2nd Prep-Exam for II PU

Final Exam for I PU

March 2nd Week


Public Exam for II PU

Last Working Day.