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Language Lab

Sep 2018

Report on Hindi Divas

Hindi is the most popular national language. It is everyone’s responsibility to honor Hindi. Language department of Dr.N.S.A.M FGC on 28/09/2018 Hindi Divas which was organized in PU seminar hall. The guest for the event was Smt. Saritha HOD of St. Joseph Independent PU College. As the part of celebration, Muhavara Dumb Charades, poster making were conducted.
The event started with the invocation song of Surdas, Tulasidas, Meera bhai which was sung. Hindi riddles were also asked during the celebration The prpgram further continued with poster presentations by students and the winners were appreciated. The principal and faculties witnessed the whole program.
The guest addressed the gathering which was followed by felicitation of guests by Dr R Shanthi Iyer, Principal, Dr.N.S.A.M FGC. Finally the program concluded with vote of thanks by student representatives.

Sep 2018

Report on Hindi guest lecture

On 7/09/2018 Language department had organized a lecture on the topic “Alakh Azadi Kee”. It was a talk on the drama which was a part of syllabus of 3rd Semester B.Com. The guest for the lecture was Prof. Vinay Kumar Yadav, HOD Dept. of Hindi from Bishop Cotton Women’s College. A clear comparison was laid by the speaker with regard to social, economical and political stature of present day India to that of India during British rule. He gave a very bold and open statement regarding the unprofessional, unethical attitudes of present day rulers, which is of no difference from that of British time. Questionnaires were distributed after session for students to give feedback on the topic.

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