Dr. NSAM First Grade College provides an excellent platform for ethical and moral education apart from helping us improve in our academics. Being part of this Institution, I have learnt to respect and value others.

Karan Anand, 3rd BCOM B

My experience in this College is more than my expectation. I have gained confidence and an ability to express myself in any forum. All the lecturers treated me with self respect and dignity.

Sri Vishnu Bhagawan, 3rd BCOM A

College shapes graduates who in turn contribute in building society through their hard work. After studying in Dr. NSAM First Grade College, I have been equipped with discipline, knowledge and other virtues which will help me in leading a good life.

Each student was given personal attention in his/her growth. I am very proud to be the student of Dr NSAM First Grade College.

Sri Krishna Bhagawan, 3rd BCOM A

I am lucky to be a part of Dr NSAM FGC. I have learnt many things from the college and the staff are dedicated and well-versed. Moreover, I also got plenty of opportunity to showcase my talents and skills. I love the friendly ambiance of the college premises.

Swathi R, 3rd BCOM A

From the last five years, I have been in this College. The College has magnificent campus with greenery all around. Lecturers are very friendly and guide us on the path of excellence.

Divya Sri K, 3rd BCOM A

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