Events Conducted at Dr. NSAM First Grade College

One Day Faculty Development Program on “Training on Counseling Skills”

Counseling Cell and IQAC of Dr. N.S.A.M First Grade College in association with “Training and Research initiative” organized One Day Faculty Development Program on “Training on Counseling Skills” at Dr. N.S.A.M FGC seminar hall on 04/12/2018. Programme began with formal and introduction by Dr. Annapurna Kishore at 9.50 am. Dr. Shailaja Shastri, Founder of Training and Research Initiative was invited as Resource Person and Dr. R Shanti Iyer, Principal of Dr. N.S.A.M First Grade College; was also present for the session. Dr. Shastri began the session with the topic “Managing students – The way forward….” With an activity “Keep flying high!” The purpose of this activity was to find out the ways to keep the students highly mindful. To know to work as a team and to grab opportunities.

Another activity of the session was “Locomotion of the Bus”.This activity demonstrated the power of team work.

Next, Dr. Shastri moved to an another topic “Analyzing our students community” making Positive and Concerned charts. Four areas of concern were identified:

  • Change the exam oriented approach to Teaching – Learning
    • Industry oriented study
    • Student interaction time
  • Enhancement of Communication Skills.
  • Enhancing the Intrinsic motivation – Career goals.
  • Distraction due to Technology and Peer Community.

Ms. Sandhya, Director IQAC and Assistant Professor, Dr. N.S.A.M First Grade College, proposed a vote of thank at the end.

The session was fruitful and interesting; participants learnt the skill of handling students.

Student Achievement in Test Conducted by ICAI Nov 2018

Dr. N.S.A.M First Grade College has entered a MOU with Proedge Edutech Private Limited and it is proud to announce that Mr. Mukund of 1st B.Com has cleared Common Proficiency Test Conducted by ICAI Nov 2018.

NSAMFGC-Freshers Day Celebration
Faculty Development Program on “Reasoning and Aptitude Test”

Internal Quality Assurance Cell ( IQAC) organized Faculty Development Program on the topic “Reasoning and Aptitude Test” , 29th November 2018, Thursday at Dr. N.S.A.M FGC Seminar Hall, focusing on UGC NET and SLET examinations. Mr. Vinayak Cheluvanth was invited as the resource person and introduced by Prof. Janardhan J B, HOD of Language department.

Dr. R Shanti Iyer, Principal, Dr. N.S.A.M FGC addressed the gathering and emphasizing on the importance of reasoning and aptitude training.

Mr. Vinayak Cheluvanth started the session with mathematical reasoning and explained easy and quick method of solving mathematical problems like squaring of digits, multiplications and equations and other important techniques on various calculation method. The resource person also guided to solve previous years question bank.

The session was interesting, informative, interactive and very useful to all the participants and boost the confidence of the participants to face the UGC NET and SLET.

A Report on Cleanliness Drive

On 2nd October 2014, Swachh Bharat Mission was launched throughout India, our country as a national movement to pay tribute to Mahatma Gandhi on his 150 birth anniversary in 2019 by Government of India . The campaign aims to achieve the vision of a ‘Clean India’ by 2nd October 2019. To support this clean India movement among the college students, “Prakṛuti’’- Eco-Club of Dr.NSAM FGC under the ages of Swachh Bharat Summer Internship 2018 conducted Cleanliness Drive in the college premises. The students voluntarily participated in this movement. This Cleanliness Drive is a n small initiative taken by the committee to clean the campus and also to educate people nearby. Finally the main purpose of this programme was to create mass awareness on cleanliness and hygiene amongst students.

NSAMFGC-Freshers Day Celebration NSAMFGC-Freshers Day Celebration

Report on World Heart Day Celebration

The World Heart Foundation organizes World Heart Day, an international campaign held on September 29 to inform people about cardiovascular diseases, which are the biggest cause of death. The day promotes preventative measures to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. To disseminate the awareness about healthy heart and practices one should follow to have healthy heart , a work shop was conducted by health club of Dr NSAM FGC on world heart day – 29 th September 2018 as a part of celebration.

In the session students were given the knowledge on the mechanism of heart working,Structure and function of normal healthy heart, how the living style affects the heath of heart by Dr.Annapurna, Assistant Professor,Dr NSAM FGC explained how the stressed life affects the health of heart, performance of heart and cardiovascular diseases, also explained holistic approach of life gives good health to heart etc. The session was followed by the detailed explanation and practical experiment by Sri. Thirumalesh C, Physical instructor, Dr NSAM PU College. He also gave tips on how to practice healthy diet and pranayama practices for healthy heart. Finally program concluded by Vote of Thanks by student coordinators.

Report on Hindi Divas Report on Hindi Divas
Report on Hindi Divas

Report on Hindi Divas

Hindi is the most popular national language. It is everyone’s responsibility to honor Hindi. Language department of Dr. NSAM FGC on 28/09/2018 Hindi Divas which was organized in PU seminar hall. The guest for the event was Smt. Saritha HOD of St. Joseph Independent PU College. As the part of celebration, Muhavara Dumb Charades, poster making were conducted.

The event started with the invocation song of Surdas, Tulasidas, Meera bhai which was sung. Hindi riddles were also asked during the celebration The prpgram further continued with poster presentations by students and the winners were appreciated. The principal and faculties witnessed the whole program.

The guest addressed the gathering which was followed by felicitation of guests by Dr R Shanthi Iyer, Principal, Dr NSAM FGC. Finally the program concluded with vote of thanks by student representatives.

Report on Hindi Divas Report on Hindi Divas
Report on Hindi Divas

Report on Guest Lecture

Dept. of languages of Dr NSAM FGC organized a lecture titled “Issues of Gender and Culture” on 28th September, 2018 in the college. The lecture was pertaining to a lesson prescribed for I sem B.Com and BBA Classes. The program began with welcoming of the guest, Dr. R V Sheela, dept of English, MES College, Bengaluru and the gathering . Mr. J B Janardana, HOD of languages had also introduced the Resource Person. The principal set the ball rolling through her speech about the topic.

The guest speaker spoke on how culture and gender were responsible for treating women not on an expected lines. By linking the right to inheritance of the ancestral property to women she linked the lesson “Daughter” and discussed further how culture and gender were responsible for treating women not on par with men. She vividly explained the lesson in detail and tried to link with the prevailing situation for women in spite of many laws for the betterment of women. The speaker tried to sensitize students by not pitting the girls against the boys. The students asked their doubts and got them clarified by the resource person .

Mr. Abhijit Naha, Assistant Professor,Dr NSAM FGC proposed a vote of thanks.

Report on Guest Lecture Report on Guest Lecture
Report on Guest Lecture

Report on One Day Conclave for PU College Principals

Dr. NSAM First Grade College conducted one day conclave for PU College Principals on 18th September, 2018. The theme of the conclave was “Roadmap to the future: Challenges and Possibilities in Academic Leadership”.

The program began with inviting blessings of almighty by group of teachers which was followed by lighting of lamp by the dignitaries. Further, welcome speech was rendered by Dr R Shanthi Iyer, Principal, Dr NSAM FGC. Mr. Rohit Punja, Administrator, Nitte Education Trust gave a bird’s eye view of NET and its journey in imparting education.

Ms. Bhavya K R, Assistant Professor, Dr NSAM FGC introduced the key note speaker, Dr. K T S Lakshmi. The speaker began her talk by mentioning the significant roles and responsibilities are on PU College Principals, as the students at this stage are in their adolescence age. She reiterated that PU Education was an extremely critical stage in education system. She further said that the principals should recognize the teacher leaders and allow them to blossom. In course of her talk Dr. Lakshmi listed out the challenges in Academic Leadership as a tightrope walking, and should nurture individual excellence. Teachers/administrators should not be in “Comfort Zone”, should sustain innovative spirit continuously.

The keynote address was followed by a panel discussion entitled “Mentoring the millennials: the Role of Teachers”. The moderater of the program was, Dr. Prof. Ashok, Chairperson, dept of Psychology, Bangalore University. The panelists were Dr. Cherian Alexander, HOD of English , St. Joseph’s Arts and Science College, Bangalore, Dr. Vibhavari Kumar, Associate Professor, NIFT, Bangalore and Dr. Jayarama Shetty, Prof. of Mgt, Nitte School of mgt, Bangalore . The moderater and the panelists were introduced by Dr. Shailja Shatri, Councelor, Dr. NSAM FGC. The panelists pondered over challenfges in the electrical gadgets used by youngsters, influence of media and malculture on young minds of students. They also discussed about employees handling youth with empathy. Further panelists also supported ideas of spreading happiness unconditionally, positive functioning and being model for youngsters. They opined that induction system of mentoring in educational institution is most important in shapimg the attitude of the students.

The participants by posing questions got their doubts clarified. Finally Mr. Appu Jadav, Assosiate professor, Dept. of Language proposed vote of thanks.

One Day Conclave for PU College Principals One Day Conclave for PU College Principals
One Day Conclave for PU College Principals One Day Conclave for PU College Principals

Report on Hindi guest lecture

On 7/09/2018 Language department had organized a lecture on the topic “Alakh Azadi Kee”. It was a talk on the drama which was a part of syllabus of 3rd Semester B.Com. The guest for the lecture was Prof. Vinay Kumar Yadav, HOD Dept. of Hindi from Bishop Cotton Women’s College. A clear comparison was laid by the speaker with regard to social, economical and political stature of present day India to that of India during British rule. He gave a very bold and open statement regarding the unprofessional, unethical attitudes of present day rulers, which is of no difference from that of British time. Questionnaires were distributed after session for students to give feedback on the topic.

NSAMFGC-Freshers Day Celebration NSAMFGC-Freshers Day Celebration

Report on Self defense program

The Women’s Forum, UDAN of Dr NSAM First Grade College had organized “Self Defense” program on 1/9/2018 for all the girl students. The program started with the invocation by Ms. Ganashree and continued with a welcome speech by Ms.Inderakala,Assistant Professor. The self defense training was conducted by Mr. Srinivas Prabhu, Physical Education Director. In course of his training, Mr. Prabhu taught different kinds of techniques to protect themselves by the attackers. He also gave a detailed demonstration of various self defense skills. By the end of the day the trainees could empower themselves with various techniques to rescue themselves in any unforeseen situation. Finally the program concluded with proposing of vote of thanks by Ms. Lakshmi M R, Assistant Professor, Dr NSAM FGC

NSAMFGC-Freshers Day Celebration NSAMFGC-Freshers Day Celebration
NSAMFGC-Freshers Day Celebration

Report on contribution to Flood Victims

The 2 week long heavy rain during August, 2018 in Kerala,Kodagu, Dakshina Kannada had taken a toll of over 324 lives and many people lost their house, and properties and domestic goods

Various committees of Dr NSAM First Grade College such as Prakṛuti – The Eco Club, Udaan- The Women’s Forum and Students Council took initiative to collect relief materials like cloths, biscuits bread, blankets, bathing and washing soap and medicines from the students and faculty members.

On 18-08-2018 the collected materials were sent through Smt. Inderakala to KODAVA SAMAJA Bangalore for the people who have trapped-in due to torrential rain in effected places.

NSAMFGC-Freshers Day Celebration NSAMFGC-Freshers Day Celebration
NSAMFGC-Freshers Day Celebration

Report on Industrial Visit to KMF, Yelahanka

Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF) is the largest Cooperative Dairy Federation in South India, owned and managed by milk producers of Karnataka State. KMF has over 2.30 million milk producers in over 12993 Dairy Cooperative Societies at village level, functioning under 14 District Cooperative Milk Unions in Karnataka State. To make aware the operations of KMF A team of 36 students visited the plant.

The students of BBA course visited the Industrial visit to KMF (Karnataka Co-operative Milk Producers’ Federation Ltd) Mother Dairy, yelahanka Bangalore Unit on August 10, 2018. The students were accompanied by  Mr. Srinivasa. H, Assistant Professor, Commerce & Management and Ms. Swathi , Assistant Professor, Dr NSAM FGC with the support of Dr.Shanthi Iyer Principal Dr.NSAM First Grade College.

The following were the learning outcomes by students:

  • Hygienic (GMP & GLP) in treatment plants and in cold storage unit.
  • Advanced automation ensures product quality
  • Well-established waste treatments.
  • Maintenance of Quality and consistency

Further the students were able to learn about the cooperative functioning, processes, management and other functions like learning about the quality testing of milk in KMF, supply chain process of KMF and also learn about the evolution of KMF.

The visit was very fruitful as students discovered many technical aspects of dairy production and expressed their gratitude towards Principal Dr.Shanthi Iyer and HOD Ms.Aasha for organizing this fruitful industrial visit.

Industrial Visit to KMF Industrial Visit to KMF

Report on a talk on “Garbage Menance and Health

Students council, Health club and Prakruthi-the Eco club of Dr NSAM First Grade College jointly organized a programme titled “Garbage Menace and Health issues” on 3/8/2018

Two distinguished guests Dr. Sandhya S, Nodal officer, BBMP and Mr.N S Ramakanth, Expert Committee, BBMP were invited for the programme as resource persons.

Mr. Ramakanth stressed on the maintaining of cleanliness of the surroundings practicing the habits of cleanliness stating ‘My Garbage-My Responsibility’.

Dr Sandhya S made an elaborate description of the cause of spreading different types of diseases like chikengunia, Dengue,etc related to garbage menace. She also stressed upon the garbage segregation because this is the root cause of all kinds of problems. She further explained in detail how to prepare compost from garbage at home.

Dr.R.Shanthi Iyer, Principal, Dr NSAM FGC was present during the programme and encouraged students to spread the awareness of garbage segregation and maintenance. Dr Annapoorna Kishore made the welcome speech and Dr GaganKumari H proposed the vote of thanks. Ms. Rajeshwari and Mr. Abhijit Naha conducted the programme

NSAMFGC-Freshers Day Celebration NSAMFGC-Freshers Day Celebration
NSAMFGC-Freshers Day Celebration

Report on Peer Mentoring Programme

Student Council of Dr. NSAM First Grade College organized its first PMP for the students of Dr. NSAM PU College on 30/07/2018

Yashash G J of III Sem B.Com made a power point presentation on “Financial Management” for II PU students.

Yashash also gave an elaborate description of the topic covering the important aspects such as scope,objectives, theories of Financial management. There was an interactive session at the end of the presentation and students also put forward various questions.

NSAMFGC-Freshers Day Celebration NSAMFGC-Freshers Day Celebration

Report on One day FDP

IQAC of Dr N S A M First Grade College had organized one day FDP on 28th July,2018 on the topic “Globalization of Indian Higher Education”. Faculties of various colleges were also benefited by the same. The key note speaker of the programme was Dr. Vithal D Potdar, Dean, Nagarjuna group of institutions

Dr. Potdar divided his keynote speech into three points:

  • Globalization of higher education – The American prospective
  • Globalization of Indian Higher Education
  • The Indian Requirement faculty members from Dr. NSAM FGC, Nagarjuna Degree College & others attend the programme.

Dr R Shanthi Iyer, Principal, Dr N S A M FGC gave her opinion about the present scenario in education sector and also the relevance of education in all sectors of life

The programme ended with proposing vote of thanks by Prof. Indrakala.

Report on 2 days Inhouse FDP

IQAC of Dr. NSAM FGC arranged 2 Days inhouse FDP titled “On Hand Training on Excel” from 26th and 27th July 2018.

The first day 26/07/2018 programme begin with the welcome speech by Prof. Sandhya. S Director of IQAC of Dr. NSAM FGC.

Dr. Thippeswamy. M.N, Prof. & HOD of department of computer science NMIT briefed the degree faculty members about the different respect of MS Office, Particularly about MS- Word. Dr. Ramachandra and other faculty member of computer Engineering department discussed about various use of MS-Word with Power Point Presentation.

The second day 27/07/2018 programme began with welcome speech by Prof. Aasha, HOD of department Commerce & Management, Dr. NSAM FGC The second day training programme covered various aspects of MS-Word especially Google Form, Google Doc, Google Group etc. All the trainees were given practical experience in the lab by the Engineering faculty members. Dr. Ramachandra discussed about MS- Excel in detail elaborating various functions of MS-Excel. Dr R Shanti. Iyer, Principal, Dr N S A M FGC in her speech spoke about the relevance of MS office in today’s world and also appreciated the whole hearted support from engineering faculty for the same.

The programme ends with vote of thanks proposed by Prof. Rajeshwari.

NSAMFGC-Freshers Day Celebration NSAMFGC-Freshers Day Celebration

Guru Poornima celebration

Student Council of Dr. NSAM FGC organized celebration of GURU POORNIMA on 27/07/2018 at the college quadrangle.

The programme began with a welcome speech by students. Students paid their tribute to their teachers through songs and speeches. Dr. Annapoorna Kishore presided over the programme.

The Principal Dr. R Shanthi Iyer was also present in the programme and gave a concluding remark by highlighting the role of present day teacher(gurus) in shaping the future of the students

NSAMFGC-Freshers Day Celebration NSAMFGC-Freshers Day Celebration
NSAMFGC-Freshers Day Celebration NSAMFGC-Freshers Day Celebration

Kargil War Vijay Diwas -2018-19

To honour and recall the sacrifices of our brave and valiant soldiers Kargil War Vijay Diwas is celebrated on July 26 every year in honour of the Kargil War's Heroes. Dr NSAM FG College celebrated this day to mark the sacrifices made by Indian soldiers towards flushing out infiltrators from our sacred motherland.

The NCC coordinator Mr. Thirumalesh addressed the gathering and shared his views with regard to Kargil War Vijay Diwas and its importance. Varieties of patriotic songs were sung by students and it was an emotional rendition

Overall the celebration created awareness among the students about Vijay Diwas

NSAMFGC-Freshers Day Celebration NSAMFGC-Freshers Day Celebration

Prakṛuti Eco Club Activity 2018-19

Nursery Planting

“Prakṛuti’’ Eco-Club of Dr. NSAM FGC conducted a two day nursery planting programme on 24th and 25th July 2018 in the college premises .

The purpose of the activity was to spread “Greenery” and become close to Mother Nature. The Prakṛuti’’ Eco-Club members taught the students about the importance of nursery and also to grow plants in a creative manner by using recycle materials and as there are many ways that we can use discarded materials to grow plants. Some of these techniques are very practical and some of them are just cool to look at such as plastic used oil covers, coconut shells, eggshells ,plastic bottles etc.

Students of the college took part in the activity and also worked in team and enjoyed to grow small plants and to become a part of Mother Nature. Plants planted are regularly maintained by volunterrs of Prakruti

NSAMFGC-Freshers Day Celebration NSAMFGC-Freshers Day Celebration
NSAMFGC-Freshers Day Celebration NSAMFGC-Freshers Day Celebration

Report on Freshers Day

Freshers’ Day was organised by the second and final year students under the guidance of the cultural committee on 14th July 2018. The final and second year students put in concerted efforts in creating a beautiful ambience on the stage and in the premises.

The program started with lighting of lamp by Dr. R Shanthi Iyer, Principal and Prof. Chitra S P, Principal, Dr NSAM PU College. The formal function was followed by the cultural events wherein the freshers exhibited their unique talents. Some of the seniors also took active part in the program which was interspersed with interesting games for the freshers. The program was concluded with a sumptuous lunch.

Overall the program was a huge success.

NSAMFGC-Freshers Day Celebration NSAMFGC-Freshers Day Celebration
NSAMFGC-Freshers Day Celebration NSAMFGC-Freshers Day Celebration

Orientation day program for First year B.Com and BBA course

Orientation program was organized on 5th July, 2018 for Parents and students of First year B.Com and BBA course. Ms. Ankitha from final year was Master of Ceremony for the morning session.

Morning session program commenced with the invocation by college prayer team. The lighting of the lamp signifying the knowledge was done by Dr. Shanti Iyer,Principal,Dr.NSAM First Grade College, parents and students of First Year. Principal spoke on vision and mission of Nitte education trust and the values on which college has been following for years.

Prof. Aasha, Head of department, Commerce and Management introduced all Teaching and non-teaching staff. Parents impressions were also invited on this occasion. The First session of Orientation program concluded with the Vote of thanks by Mr.Manjunath K Nair, Final year student

The Second session of Orientation program was arranged for both Dr. NSAM First Grade College parents in which Ms. Sushma,Final year student was Master of Ceremony. Parents were addressed by Prof. K Raghothama Rao, Chairman, Seek Foundation (School for Ecological Education) Bangalore and Karnataka Academy for Television Arts (KAFTA) on the topic “Joyful parenting”. All parents enjoyed this session a lot along with learning how to be with their children in and out of home. Mr, Rohit Punja, Administrator, NET addressed the gathering during this occasion. Later on, Mr. Vamshi Shriram, Co- Founder, Proedge private limited, spoke about various programs which are given by Proedge for student’s personal as well as academic progress.

Finally the program concluded with vote of thanks by Ms. Madhuri of final year, which was followed by lunch.


Eco Club Activity - World Water Day

Water is an essential building block of life. It is more essential to quench thirst or protect health. In order to create awareness among the general public , Eco club of Dr.N S A M First Grade College celebrated World Water Day under the theme "The Importance of Freshwater” on 22nd March 2018 . On this occasion of World Water Day Eco –Club and More Nature Association team adopted a lake in Allalsandra in Yelahanka province to clean the surroundings of the lake .The team invited a resources person Mr. N Sathish Corporater , Mr. Ravi lake, Secretary of Allalsandra lake who has worked hard to recycle the sewage water. Dr. R. Shanti Iyer, Principal, Dr N S A M FGC also attended the program despite of her busy schedule.

The resource person addressed the gathering and spoke about the recycling of water for other domestic use and to preserve the freshwater for the future generation and also to save the mother earth.

The students’ team organized a campaign to clean the lake surrounding and to collect all plastic covers, bottles and other waste materials. Students also educated the public not to through plastic covers in and around the lake and not to make it dirty as the water can be reused for watering the plants and also used by nearby factories.

The campaign gave a message to all common man to make the world a better place by making their nearby surroundings safe and clean for safer, cleaner and more prosperous future. 

NSAMFGC-Women’s Day Celebration NSAMFGC-Women’s Day Celebration

Eco Club Activity - World Forest day

Eco club of Dr N S A M First Grade College celebrated World Forest Day under the theme “Forests and Sustainable Cities”. This global celebration of forests provides a platform to create awareness about the importance of all types of trees and plants in and around us. To create awareness about the same the Eco-Club team organized a campaign in Yelahanka New Town and many dignitaries namely Mr. Vishwanth, MLA Yelahanka constituency, Mr. Muniraju Ex- corporater Yelahanka ward were invited on 21st March 2018.

Mr. Vishwanath spoke about the celebration at International level in order to increase the public awareness among communities about the values, significance and contributions of the forest to balance the lifecycle on the earth.

After the speech the Eco- Club team gave medicinal plant sapling to the all dignitaries present there and showed the first remark to grow more and more plants. The team further marched along with the dignitaries spreading the awareness to grow plants and also made the public to understand the forest value in their daily lives as an essential element to save the earth.

Totally the whole program was a huge successful one.

NSAMFGC-Women’s Day Celebration NSAMFGC-Women’s Day Celebration
NSAMFGC-Women’s Day Celebration

Programmme by Students’ Council

Students’ Council of Dr. NSAM First Grade College organized a programme for II Sem B.Com and BBA students on 21 st March, 2018 at our at our college seminar hall.

The programme titled “How to overcome the fear of platform performance” was basically designed for the students keeping in mind the reasons which adversely affect their communication skills as it is proven facts that ‘fear’ is a common barrier to communication skills.

Ms. Swathi Nandini an alumnus of Dr. NSAM FGC was invited as the speaker for the programme. She presented the topic with visual illustrations and some activities with the students. The speaker also mentioned about four fundamental reasons of fear like Communication, Correlation, Judgment and Self Deprecation. The students enjoyed the programme and immensely benefited.

Mr. Abhijit Naha, Convener of Students’ Council of Dr. NSAM FGC welcomed the guest. Dr. Shailaja Shastri also graced the occasion and spoke about the relevance of conducting this kind of programme for the benefit of the students.

Finally, Dr. Annapoorna Kishore proposed the vote of thanks.

NSAMFGC-Women’s Day Celebration NSAMFGC-Women’s Day Celebration
NSAMFGC-Women’s Day Celebration NSAMFGC-Women’s Day Celebration

Report on An awareness program on “Health Insurance”

Insurance is a means of protection from financial loss. It is a form of risk management primarily used to hedge against the risk of a contingent or uncertain loss. To create awareness among the students regarding the same a talk was organized by Dr N S A M First Grade College on the topic “Health Insurance” under the Aegis of Business Lab on 21st March 2018.

Mr. J. B. Janardana, H O D of English welcomed the guest and briefly introduced them to the audience.

Mr. Nagaraj, Assistant Branch Manager, Star Health and Allied Insurance co. Ltd initiated his talk with interaction on awareness of insurance. He further spoke about the various kinds of insurance which included vehicle, health and so on. Then he continued his talk mentioning the importance of health insurance in present scenario. He stressed on the need of health insurance for immigrants also. Another speaker, Mr. Shariq , Territory Manager, of the company explained the technicalities of the products and reimbursement/ cashless hospitalization followed by a talk by Ms. Lakshmi Harish, executive of insurance Company.

Dr. R Shanthi Iyer, the college principal, in her presidential talk underlined the need of health insurance to all categories of people including the students. She also said that it was not enough to just know about health insurance policies but also the students should spread this knowledge to all the sections of the society.

Finally the programme got concluded with a vote of thanks by Mr. Chiranjeevi, coordinator, Business Lab.

NSAMFGC-Women’s Day Celebration NSAMFGC-Women’s Day Celebration
NSAMFGC-Women’s Day Celebration NSAMFGC-Women’s Day Celebration

Women’s Day Celebration

The Women’s Forum of Dr NSAM First Grade College, Bangalore celebrated Women’s Day on 8th March 2018. The Programme started with by welcoming the gathering by Yukta Mukhi of 1th Sem, followed by invocation song by Savitha and Nandini and lighting the lamp by Dr. Shanti Iyer Principal FGC , Prof. Chitra, Principal PU College and Dr Shylaja Shastri.

He program continued with a group song by Savitha and team of Ist students followed by a speech by Dr.R. Shanti Iyer. In her speech Dr Iyer gave many examples of women entrepreneurs and their contribution to the society. Ms. Shylaja Shastri and Ms. Chitra also spoke about the importance of women’s day celebration and women’s participation in every field. The handmade greeting cards which were done by FGC students themselves were distributed to the staff.

The most admirable moment of the celebration was the felicitation of women maintenance staff of FGC and PUC- Ms. Aruna, Ms. Kamalamma, Ms. Venkateshamma and Ms. Nagamme.

The Programme concluded with a vote of thanks by Ms. Indrekala Asst. Professor Dr. NSAM FCG to thank all the student volunteers and dignitaries.

NSAMFGC-Women’s Day Celebration NSAMFGC-Women’s Day Celebration
NSAMFGC-Women’s Day Celebration NSAMFGC-Women’s Day Celebration
NSAMFGC-Women’s Day Celebration NSAMFGC-Women’s Day Celebration

Guest lecture on Gandhian principles

Literary Forum of Dr. NSAM First Grade College, Yelahanka organized a programme titled “Gandhiji and Non- violence” on 06/03/2018. Prof. S Narayanan, Retired Professor of English, was invited to address the students on the topic in order to throw light on the topic on ‘Ahimsa’, a lesson prescribed for 2nd semester B.Com and BBA students. Dr. R. Shanti Iyer , Principal, Dr. NSAM FGC welcome the speaker, Mr J B Janardhan, HOD in English introduced the speaker, which was followed by lecture by the chief guest.

In his speech Professor emphasized on the relevance of Gandhian thoughts in the modern world. He also spoke about the purpose of Gandhiji’s Non- Violence which made British realize that they were wrong. A non-violence fighter should be mentally strong otherwise it is not possible to adopt the principles of non-violence. According to Gandhiji violence was not the solution to eradicate injustice .The only way to end injustice was self- realization. It could be done through persuasion. Prof. Narayanan mentioned about ‘fear’ and ‘hate’ which also stressed that fear is the main obstacle in the process of persuasion. Prof. Narayanan also mentioned about Gandhiji’s point of view about the environment and how he differentiated between ‘need’ and ‘greed’. Gandhiji’s Eco-friendly economics was also revealed in the speech. Overall the programme was very effective from the students’ point of view. Finally a vote of thanks was rendered by Ms. Salomi, ist year student


Eco Club Activity - World wild life day

One of the greatest creatures in the world created by god is bird. We find more varieties of birds across the world. Birds need water to survive. Many birds die due to lack of water. In order to create awareness about the conservation of bird species, Dr.N S A M First Grade College in collaboration with “Eco Club” of the college and More Nature Association celebrated World Wildlife Day under the theme "The Future of Wildlife is in Our Hands Save Birds” on 3rd March 2018. The theme was chosen to reinforce the link between wildlife, human activity and sustainable development and to spread the awareness, especially to youths. Allalsandra lake was selected for this purpose. On this occasion Dr N S A M FGC invited a resource person Dr. Sandhya, Senior official, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike and also an active citizen. She motivated all the students to create awareness among the general public about the environmental issues especially to save birds.

After the motivational speech placards were distributed to the students to create awareness for saving birds by keeping a bowl of water in their house balcony or terrace so that the birds can come and drink water and save their lives.

The team got a good response from the general public and many shared their views on this life saving activity of wild life.

NSAMFGC-Women’s Day Celebration NSAMFGC-Women’s Day Celebration
NSAMFGC-Women’s Day Celebration NSAMFGC-Women’s Day Celebration

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