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Faculty Development Programs at Dr. NSAM First Grade College

FDPs in 2017-18

No. Date Theme Resource Person Venue
1 8/8/2017 Research Journey Dr. Shailaja Shastri  Dr.NSAM First Grade College,Yelahanka

2 9/8/2017 Decoding Happiness Dr. Sowmya Puttaraju Dr.NSAM First Grade College,Yelahanka

3 14/08/2017 Ethics in Teaching Dr. Sandeep Shastri Dr.NSAM First Grade College,Yelahanka

FDPs in 2015-16




Resource Person





Faculty of Nitte Dr. NSAM FGC

Dr. NSAM FGC, Nitte



Self Management

Ms. Rajalakshmy K.P

Dr. NSAM FGC, B’lore



Classroom Management

Ms. Vijayam Kartha

Dr. NSAM FGC, B’lore



Effective Teaching Learning

Dr. Meera K

Dr. NSAM FGC, B’lore



Innovations in Teaching-Learning and Effective Use of Library

Dr. Lalitha Ashwath

Dr. NSAM FGC, B’lore

Total Quality Management in Higher Education Institutes

Dr. Srikanataswamy

Dr. NSAM FGC, B’lore

In Service Training & Seminars attended by Staff (2015-16):

  • 14th July 2015 – Mr. Rame Gowda, Ms. Bhavya and Mr. Girish attended a syllabus workshop organized by Bangalore University at Sai College, Rajajinagar
  • 24th July 2015 – Mr. Shankar, Physical Instructor attended a meeting at Bangalore University for the Annual Sports Meet 2015-16
  • 30th September & 1sy October 2015 - Visit to Nitte by Staff of FGC & PUC
  • 9th & 10th October 2015 – Dr. Hemavathi attends a National Conference on “A New Perspective on Dr. Shivaram Karanth’ organized by the Kannada Department of Mangalore University
  • 17th October 2015 – An FDP was conducted by Prof. Rajalakshmi for the teaching staff of both the First Grade College and Pre University College. The theme was ‘Bridging the Gap between Learners and Facilitators’ and ‘Self Management’. This was followed by Potluck Lunch.
  • 27th November 2015 – Dr. Meera K was invited as the Chief Guest for a seminar at RS College
  • 16th November 2015 – Dr. Meera K attended the ‘Industry – Institution Summit’ at NSOM (PGDM Block) and participated in the deliberations and discussions.
  • 5th December 2015 – An FDP was conducted by Prof. Vijayam Kartha for the teaching staff of both FGC and Pre University College. The theme was 'Classroom Management & Challenges before Teachers in today's World'.
  • 11th December 2015 – Mr. Shekar attended a training programme on ‘Building High Performance Teams’ by Unique Consultants.
  • 10th December 2015 - Dr. Hemavathi attended a 7 day workshop on ‘A study of Classical Kannada Literature‘ at VHD Home Science College, Seshadri Road, Bangalore
  • 29th & 30th December 2015 – Ms. Bhagya and Mr. Girisha attended a National Conference on ‘Ethics and Governance in Management’. Ms. Bhagya presented a paper titled ‘Business Ethics – A Tool for Corporate Governance’
  • 31st December 2015 – FDP for staff of both PUC & FGC on ‘Effective Teaching & Learning’ and ‘Staying Positive’ by Dr. Meera Krishnappa
  • 8th January 2016 - Ms. Bhavya & Ms. Sowjanya attended a workshop on ‘Balance Sheet Analysis’ at M.P Birla Institute of Management, Bangalore
  • 11th January 2016 - Outreach Program to Vijepura Govt. P.U College by Mr. Sadanand and Ms. Bhagya
  • 12th January 2016 - Outreach Program to Devanahalli Govt. P.U College by Ms. Aasha, Ms. Rozy and Ms. Soujwjanya
  • 20th January 2016 - Outreach Program to Crystal House, PU College by Dr. Meera Krishnappa
    • 20th January 2016 – Mr. Rame Gowda, Ms. Bhavya, Ms. Sowjanya and Ms. Rama attended a one day workshop on ‘Orientation of IV semester B Com Syllabus’ at Bangalore University
    • 21st & 22nd January 2016 - Dr. Meera Krishnappa attended a 2 day IQAC conference on ‘Role of Higher Educational Institutions in reinventing Skills for Global Competency ‘and also presented a paper on ‘Soft Skills for Careers’
    • 6th February 2016 – FDP for Staff of PUC & FGC by Dr. Lalitha Ashwath on ‘Innovations in Teaching-Learning and Effective Use of Library’ and Dr. Srikantaswamy on ‘Total Quality Management in Higher Education Institutes’
  • 19th February 2016 – Ms. Rozy, Ms. Aasha and Mr. Ronald all presented papers at an International Conference on ‘Competency Building Strategies in Business and Technology for Sustainable Development’ at Shri Ganesh School of Business Management, Salem, Tamilnadu.
  • 20th to 23rd April 2016 – Mr. Narendranath, the Librarian attended a 3 day National workshop on Koha: An intensive hands on training at NMIT. Bengaluru.

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