Feb 2018


In the present scenario, the role of the administrators and leaders in education set ups has become and much more difficult and challenging. The need of the hour is to find the root cause for the same solutions for the problems faced by the administrators. Understanding the importance of the Academic leadership, Dr.NSAM First Grade College in collaboration with Dr. NSAM PU College organised a Principals’ Meet on 26th February, 2018 on the theme “New Dimensions of Academic Leadership”.

The Principals from various eminent colleges and high schools and the faculty members of Dr.NSAM College had an exhilarating experience and opportunity to receive the motivational speech by the Chief Guest Dr.(Prof.) G K Karanth, ex. Director, ISEC, Bangalore. The program started with the formal welcome speech by Dr. R.Shanti Iyer, Principal, Dr. NSAM First Grade College. The session was very interactive and the participants got all their queries cleared by the speaker.

In his speech, Dr. Karanth quoted the example from the Mahabharata, the episode between Kunti and Karna and took an oath from him that he will not use the same arrow against the Pandavas. In the same way the teachers should not use the same tactics/technique for teaching. And he further stressed that teaching is a fusion of various techniques which is the New Dimension of Academic Leadership for Teachers and Principals.

He also appealed that the creation of an efficient teacher should be rallied like a relay and also advised on the effective Survival Tactics in learning to wear our hats of different professions. Finally the programme ended with a vote of thanks by Mr.Kallesh, faculty member, Dr. NSAM PU College.

Feb 2018

Alumni Report- 2018

The annual ‘Alumni Meet’ was celebrated with great enthusiasm on 24th February, 2018. Students were thrilled to meet their friends, staff and their Alma mater. Dr. Rajendra Hegde, Principal Scientist and Head, Regional Center was the chief Guest for the day. More than 140 Alumni students visited the college to interact with each other and recollect their old memories. The Meet commenced with a formal programmme where the chief Guest and the Alumni students were welcomed with an invocation song and an inaugural dance on Mahishasura Madhirni by our college Dance team. Principal, Dr.R. Shanti Iyer welcomed the gathering and emphasized the importance of alumni meet. Ms. Aasha, one of the Alumni Coordinators, read the alumni report sharing the history of Dr. NSAM FGC and the achievements of the students from the years 1999 to date. This was followed by introduction of chief guest by Mrs.Inderakala. In his speech, Dr. Rajendra Hegde spoke about the relevance of alumni meet and was also happy with the number of Alumni students who were present and asked them to give back something to the institute. He also suggested alumni students to create a network and help the institution in the placements and career guidance to the present students.

Prof Chithra, Principal of Dr. NSAM PU College shared her views about the Alumni Meet and appreciated the students for their success. Few of the Alumni students shared their experiences in the college and owed the responsibility to contribute for the development of the college. Dr. Hemavathi, one of the Alumni Coordinators, proposed the vote of thanks and the formal programme came to an end.

Alumni Meet was concluded with lunch and interaction among students and staff.

Principal, Dr.R. Shanti Iyer, interacted with each group of the Alumni students and shared her vision for the institution and asked the alumni students to actively cooperate in all the endeavors of the college to take the college to great heights.

On the whole the Alumni Meet- 2018 was a grand Success.

Feb 2018

Report on industrial visit

Industrial visit programme was organized for students of Dr.NSAM FGC on 19 th and 20 th of February, 2018 to make the students familiar with the production process of the industry. The industry selected for this purpose was Coca Cola beverages Private Limited, Bidadi, Bangalore . The students were from 2 nd year and BBA and 1 st year BBA visited the factory.

The industry had two divisions one for carbonated soft drinks which included Coca Cola, Kinley, Sprite, Limca, Fanta,Thums Up and second for other drinks like Maaza, Minute maid made with pulp of orange and mousambi.

The procedure of the industry includes manufacturing and service operations, linkages between market requirements and selection of manufacturing process, facility location strategies. It also highlighted the importance of production planning and controlling in synchronizing operations.

The experts also explained the students about how they check the quality of used glass bottles, the 360 degree dimension of the filling of soft drinks to bottles and working of the entire process. Finally feedback from the students was collected and the students learnt the entire production procedure of Coca Cola industry.

Sep 2018

Faculty Development Program on Neuro Linguistic Program

Dr. NSAM FGC organized FDP on NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Program) for both PU and FGC faculty members on 02-02-2018.This FDP was designed to focus on the process of modelling the conscious and unconscious patterns of thinking and behaviour. Prof. Jayarama Shetty of NSOM, was the resource person for the FDP. The session was very informative and fascinating .

Feb 2018

Report on Cashless Transaction Campaign

Dr.NSAM FGC organized one day Social Awareness program to train small time vendors on “Cashless Transaction” in Gantiganahalli, Harohalli ,Nagenahalli and Bagalur villages, on 1st Feb, 2018. Before this event taking place, our students were trained on cashless by Mr. Madan Kumar, Senior Manager, Axis Bank, Yelahanka branch, Bangalore.

The college takes responsibility of training Small Time Vendors regarding Cashless Transactions in tune with Government of India’s flagship program, Digitalization and Cashless Transaction. For this activity the college organized training for around 100 students of Commerce domain.
Student trainers described the importance of cashless transaction, installation of apps like PAYTM and PHONEPE and its usage. Some of our student trainers approached the vendors in the guise of customers and told them that they don’t have money but they can pay only through apps like PAYTM. The shopkeepers expressed their apprehension and slowly they were made to understand the importance of Cashless Transaction not only for now but also for future. About 20 small time vendors got installed PATYM apps by our student trainers. Another group of student trainers were involved in educating households and general customers. They also involved themselves in sticking pamphlets in prominent places of the villages. After this activity a JATHA was organized in all the villages to educate them on cashless transaction. The college principal Dr.R Shanthi Iyer took part in the campaign.

Jan 2018

Eco-Club Activity - Planting of Medicinal Herbs

Classroom exploration of plant-based medicines is a timely and valuable way to engage students to know the customs and uses of medicinal plants. The majority of the world’s people use medicinal plants for some of their medical needs and the World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes plant based medicines as an essential component of health care. The Eco-club of our college ensures active participation of students in environment and common health related issues and also to overcome the situation with natural phenomena and to understand the credibility of the nature.

In order to enhance the Environment education and uses of Medicinal plants amongst the students and teachers of Dr. NSAM FGC, the members of Eco-club enthusiastically participated in planting medicinal plants in the college premises.
On 30 th January, 2018 the members of Eco-club first identified the planting site and marked the planting locations. 1 st of February the members started to dig the hole. On 4 th February the members along with faculty members planted the medicinal plants like Tulsi, Aloe vera, Pudina, Hibiscus, Ginger, KamKasturi, Neem and Betel vine with their names beside the plants. The members later watered the plants with recycled water. The college has taken the initiative to recycle the drainage water and use the same to water the plants.

Jan 2018

Report on Republic Day Celebration- 2018

Dr. N S A M First Grade College celebrated 69th Republic Day on the 26th January, 2018 in association with NMIT. Students, Staff and Faculty members filled with a feeling of patriotism and dedication gathered in the college campus. The celebration started with the hoisting of the National Flag by the Chief Guest Mr. Jeevan kumar, Former Director, Gandhi Learning center, Bangalore and also the retired professor from Bangalore university in Political science. In his speech, Mr. Jeevan kumar highlighted the importance of the Constitution and its unique features such as Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic and Republic enshrined in the preamble of the constitution. He also gave an insight on the various accomplishments achieved by college and motivated the crowd for bringing more laurels for the college through their accomplishments.

The Chief Guest also administered an oath to everyone to be a responsible citizen towards our nation. The speech was followed by a talk by Prof. Nagaraj, Principal, NMIT. Various other programmes such as songs & classical dances were performed by the students, giving a glimpse of the Unity in diversity of the nation and with the spirit of patriotism. The programme ended with the message to create a great nation through collective efforts from all individuals.

Dec 2017

NSS Special Camp

NSS unit of Dr. Nitte Shankara Adyanthaya Memorial First Grade College, Yelahanka, Bangalore organized Seven Days Special Camp at Government Primary School, Mutkur Village, Hessarghatta Hobli from 29/12/2017 to 04/01/2018 under the guidance of Prof Appu Jadhav, NSS officer of the college. Dr. Nagaraj, Principal, NMIT , Dr. R .Shanti Iyer, Principal, Dr. NSAM FGC and Prof. Chitra, Principal, Dr NSAM PU college visited the camp.

The main objective of the camp was to extend social service to the villagers of Mutkur Village. There was enthusiastic participation from the villagers in various programs. Following activities were conducted:

  • 1 Students extended Shramadaan at Veerbhadreshwara and Venkateshwara Temples and cleaned the premises every day morning.
  • 2 Free Eye Check-up program was conducted and 50 spectacles were donated to the people of the surrounding villages.
  • 3 Planted 100 saplings near the school premises.
  • 4 An informative talk on “Latest Innovative Trends in Agriculture” by Dr. Rajendra Hegde, from Principal Scientist and Head, Regional Center of Agriculture for the farmers of surrounding villages as the agricultural extension program of NSS.
  • 5 A motivational speech was organized inviting Mr. Suresh Gowda, High Court Advocate and Social Activist. He spoke to the students about “Importance of Values in Life”.

Sep 2018

Faculty Development Program on NET /K-SET training

Dr. NSAM FGC organized a KSET Training programmme for the faculty of Commerce and Management and others from 21st of Dec,2017 to 23rd Dec,2017 . This FDP was designed to focus on preparation for National Entrance Test.

Day -1:

Session on Financial Management

The programmme started by lighting the lamp followed by the invocation song by Ms. Swathi. Dr.Shanti Iyer, Principal of Dr.NSAM FGC Spoke about the need of the training program. This was followed by introduction of the resource person Dr. Sairam. A.

Dr. Sai Ram. A is a specialist in finance from GFGC Vemagal, Kolar took the first session and discussed about the financial management and related issues. With his vast experience and knowledge he enriched our faculty members with the technical analysis of the aspects.

He spoke on the topic “Finance” discussing about the topics on Capital Structure, Cost of capital, Value of the firm and various theories like Net income Approach, Net Operating Income Approach, Traditional Approach and Modigliani and Miller Approach and further solved the previous year question paper .

Day -2:

Session - 1 : Quantitative Logical Reasoning

Mr.Lakshminarayana, Prof of RC college – train our staff on how to clear NET/SET exams in the area of Quantitative Logical Reasoning during the three day Faculty Development Program on 23rd December, 2017. He discussed in the most impressive manner about the logical way of analyzing the questions of General paper. He explained in a very easy way to solve the problems. He also discusses the previous year question papers.

Day -3:

Session (Pre and Post Lunch ) on Taxation

Mr. Bangaru Tirupathi and Mr. Manjunath.S, Assistant Professor train our staff on how to clear NET/SET exams in the area of Taxation during the three day Faculty Development Program on 22nd December, 2017. He also discussed the Complete concept of Income tax with minute details. All the participants were able to get the concept clarity. As a resource person he was be able to articulate jargon in the law in a very simple language and logical reason for enactment of various acts.

Session - 2 : Advanced Concepts in Finance

Mr. Swaminath .S - discussed on the topic “Finance”. He discussed about the topics on leverages, cost of capital, ratio analysis, and various theories like Net income Approach, Net Operating Income Approach, Traditional Approach and Modigliani and Miller Approach and further solved the previous year question paper .

Nov 2017

Report on Three Days Faculty Development Program on Research Methodology (24th, 25th and 27th November, 2017)

Dr.NSAM First Grade College, Yelahanka , Bangalore organized 3 - Days Faculty Development program on Research Methodology from 24th, 25th to 27th November, 2017. This FDP was designed to offer the practical guidelines and direct the researchers through all the stages of research from identifying a research problem to the submission of a dissertation, report writing and research article.

Principal Dr. R Shanti Iyer welcomed the gathering by stating the origin of research as old as humankind and the core objective of the FDP was to equip the faculty members and research scholars with concepts to undertake the research very effectively in the disciplines of Social Science and to convert completed research into publishable material of high quality in the form of articles, journals and books.

Resource person of First session was Prof. Narendra R. S.of GFGC, Kolar, who gave the brief input what research is and all about basic aspects of research, types of research, importance and its characteristics.Conceptual understanding in the process of research and the steps are to be undertaken while pursuing research was emphasized . The session applied more focus on how to review the literature and find which is a critical part and gap in the research process.The session involved exercises of identifying the dependent and independent variables in various studies along with discussions.

The Second session of day one was on sampling techniques by Dr. Madhavi R from Jain University. The session focused on sampling design which is a critical part in the research process. Conceptual facts related to sampling techniques and its classification into probability and non-probability sampling were clarified with visual examples. Biases associated with determining sample design were explained and discussed in detail.

The morning session of Day -2 was handled by Dr .Riteeka Sayal from Jain University who gave a brief overview of how to prepare a Questionnaire and the elements to be taken care of in designing it.She emphasized on the normal errors which are commonly committed in framing questionnaire with practical hands on experience.

The afternoon session of Day-2 was carried forward by Mr .Balaji. A , Prof in the department of Commerce from GFGC , Vemagal. He emphasized on the basic of understanding the Statistical tools used in research with simple examples. He explained the concepts in detail through solving some practical problems in statistical techniques such as T-test, Z-test, research design and Hypothesis testing procedure.

On Day-3, the resource person of the morning session was Dr. Shilaja Shastri, Counselor of Dr. NSAM FGC. She spoke elaborately on Research Writing and Publication. She also stressed upon research articles, review articles, meta-analysis, case report, open access journals, traditional journals, hybrid journals, predatory journals, impact factor and Citation index.

The afternoon session was on Reference styles by Dr. Deepthi Swamy. She explained about plagiarism aspects, referencing / citations. She said that the citations can be from books, journals, web documents, unpublished articles, newspapers articles, movies etc. She also highlighted the need of reference, different reference formats, online referring format, single author and multiple authors.

The workshop was attended by 42 participants from 20 different colleges. All of the participants who attended this workshop were research scholars, faculty members who are directly involved in research process.

The 3- Day Faculty Development Programme came to an end with the valedictory address by Dr. Shanthi Iyer, Principal of Dr. NSAM FGC. Certificates were distributed among the participants by Ms. Chithra, Principal , Dr. NSAM PU College.

Nov 2017


Women Cell of Dr. NSAM FGC has a tie up with Mahila Dakshatha Samithi to involve students in a number of activities of social relevance. The coordinator of Women Cell Ms. Rajeshwari and a faculty member Ms. Lakshmi R of Dr. NSAM FGC were invited to attend a special seminar organized by Mahila Dakshatha Samithi on “Child Trafficking “ in association with Bangalore City Police on 25/11/2017 at Commissioner Office, Infantry Road Bangalore.
The students of BBA course visited the Industrial visit to KMF (Karnataka Co-operative Milk Producers’ Federation Ltd) Mother Dairy, yelahanka Bangalore Unit on August 10, 2018. The students were accompanied by Mr. Srinivasa. H, Assistant Professor, Commerce & Management and Ms. Swathi , Assistant Professor, Dr NSAM FGC with the support of Dr.Shanthi Iyer Principal Dr.NSAM First Grade College.

The following were the learning outcomes by students:

The Programmme started by lighting the lamp by dignitaries presided over the Dias, President Ms. Saranya Hegde of MDS, Chief guest Mr. Sunil Kumar Commissioner of Police, Secretary Ms. Jyothi Bhandary .

Ms. Saranya Hegde spoke about the inception of the MDS and its core principles are Health, Education, Empowerment and Equality. Mr. Sunir Kumar Commissioner of Police addressed the audience and answered the questionnaire by the participants.

There are around 9 Child trafficking centre in Bangalore, and from the year 2010-2017 around 132 cases have registered and they have rescued more than 400 minor people. They also stressed on the importance of creating awareness among the child about child trafficking, and the safety measures taken by the Government, Educational institutions and NGO’s in this regard.

Further, the Women Cell of Dr. NSAM FGC has decided to bring this awareness among the female students of near by PU College and of Dr. NSAM FGC in conjunction with Mahila Dakshatha Samithi.

Nov 2017

Report on Inter collegiate Sports event

Pragathi K of II ‘C’ section won Gold Medal in 35 th State Junior Taekwondo Championship was held on 16,17 & 18 Nov - 2017 at Madikeri.

Bharath R of I BBA won Silver Medal in 35 th State Senior Taekwondo Championship-2017 was held on 4 & 5 th Nov- 2017 at Bengaluru.

Nov 2017

Report on Entrepreneurship Development Cell Inauguration.

Dr. NSAM First Grade College, has organized the inauguration program of Entrepreneurship Development Cell on 10th November, 2017. The Chief Guest and keynote speaker of the session was Mr. Prabhanjan Deshpande, Co-founder Higher Tec Bangalore. Dr. R Shanti Iyer, Principal of Dr. NSAM FGC has grace the occasion. The program was attended by all final year B.Com students and Second year students.

Entrepreneurship is the process of designing, launching and running a new business which is initially a small business, offering a product, process or service for sale/ hire.

The Chief Guest Mr. Prabhanjan Deshpande , spoke about the various certificate courses offered through EDP and how to start the Entrepreneurship activity with small investment. He also spoke about his experience in starting business as an entrepreneur and what are the skills that needed to start the business. He advised the students to look for original quotient in their projects and to inculcate the practice of “Relay project system in Academics”.

He gave real time examples to motivate the students and also answered the queries from students. He also stressed upon the importance of innovation. The students had an interactive and thought provoking session.

Nov 2017

Student Enrichment activity

The Student's Council of Dr. NSAM First Grade College, Yelahanka organised an educational programme "Understanding Of Sexuality" for the First year students on 8th November,2017. Ms. Nisha Menzies Rao , Director - Academics & Research, Training & Research Initiatives, Bangalore was the Chief Guest and resource person of the programme.

In her interaction with students she explained how boys and girls can maintain healthy relationships among themselves. She explained various Psychological aspects of relationships.

Dr. Shanthi Iyer , Principal of Dr. NSAM FGC was present during the programme.

Nov 2017

Kannada Rajyotsava celebration

The 62nd Kannada Rajyotsava Celebrations was organized in Dr. NSAM FGC in association with our P U College on 9th November,2017. The guests were received with Purna Kumbh Kalashas by our students and Dollu Kunita artistes. The program was inaugurated by the Chief Guest, Sri. Appagere Thimmaraju, a famous Folk Singer and Sri Rohit Punja, Administrator, NET, followed by hoisting of Kannada Flag. A 100 Feet Kannada Flag Rally was organized on the occasion. The formal program began with the lighting of traditional Lamp by the dignitaries. The principal, Dr. R. Shanti Iyer welcomed the gathering .The guest Spoke about the importance of Kannada language ,literature and culture and urged all to emulate local culture and language. In the meanwhile he impressed the gathering with his superb singing.

Sri Rohit Punja addressed the gathering. Mr. Mahesh K, Kannada Lecturer, Dr. NSAM PU College proposed a vote of thanks. Ms. Chitra P S , P U College principal graced the occasion. The audiences were spellbound by the stellar performance of Dollu Kunita and Kamsale Artistes. The program was compeered by Dr. C H Hemavati, Dept. of Kannada.

Sep 2015


The Teachers' Day was celebrated on 9 th September, 2017 with the combined efforts of both Dr. NSAM FGC and PUC students, as part of integration of both sister institutions. Both the Principals and lecturers were honoured by the students on this occasion.

Cultural performances viz., dance, solo song etc. were showcased by the students followed by fun-filled activities and competitions organized by the students for all the lecturers. Both students and lecturers alike enjoyed the program. The students through this program pay their respect to their teachers. The program was followed by lunch for all.

Sep 2017

Report on NSS and Eco Club event

Tree planting is an important step towards saving our environment. To bring the awareness among young students about the importance of Green Revolution, the ‘NSS Unit’ and ‘Eco club’ of Dr. NSAM First Grade College jointly organized an event of planting a Sapling to mark the Inauguration of NSS and Eco Club on 1st September, 2017.

On this occasion, Dr. Uday Kumar Shetty, KAS, Private Secretary to Hon’ble Minister for Forest, Ecology and Environment, Government of Karnataka planted a sapling along with Mr. Rohit Punja, Administrator, Nitte Education Trust and Dr. R. Shanti Iyer, Principal, Dr. NSAM FGC.

Dr. Uday Kumar Shetty, highlighted the importance of tree plantation by mentioning that it is an opportunity for community development and empowerment along with taking steps towards saving our mother earth.

Sep 2017


Student Council has been constituted at Dr. NSAM First Grade College keeping in mind the overall development of the students in the fields of professional and social life. This is a platform that enables the students to face challenges and become competent. Students Council aims to provide opportunities to explore their potentiality to the optimum level.

Meet an Achiever is one of the prime event of Student Council towards motivating students to become An Achiever. In this context Dr. Uday Kumar Shetty (KAS ), Private Secretary to the Hon’ble Minister for Forest, Ecology and Environment, Govt. of Karnataka was invited as an Achiever to inaugurate the Student Council on 1st September,2017.

The Principal of the college Dr. R. Shanti Iyer highlighted the objectives and role of Student Council towards wholesome development of students in her speech.

The Chief Guest Dr. Uday Kumar Shetty addressed the students on this occasion and shared his experience. He stressed upon the struggle one has to face in life to reach the greater heights.

The council members took oath to execute their responsibilities diligently towards the community and Society at large.

Aug 2017

Report on ‘A talk on Personal Hygiene’

Hygiene is the most important aspect of our life style. Many women are suffering from various diseases due to unhygienic life style. To create awareness about Hygiene among the girls the Women’s Forum of Dr. NSAM First Grade College organized “A Talk by Dr. Vijayalakshmi Balekundri on “PERSONAL HYGIENE” on 30th August, 2017.

The session started with the chanting of ‘OM’ by the speaker and she also mentioned the significance of chanting OM every day. Further, she explained the importance of cleanliness which is next to Godliness, which is of prime importance in today’s life style.

The speaker also cautioned the students about the soft drinks which are harmful to our body and cause damages to the cells that leads to cancer and many other diseases. She also talked about Obesity and advised to practice ‘Pranayama’ to live a healthy life.

Overall the talk was very informative and educative.

Aug 2017


Parents’ Teachers’ meeting was convened on 26th August 2017 in the college. The principal of the college addressed the parents. In her address she shared the initiatives taken for the benefit of the students such as Value added Certificate Program on CA, CMA & CS, Yoga, Placement Preparedness classes for Final Year students and Students Council and Research Development Cell to inculcate research culture among students etc. In course of her speech the Principal stressed upon the responsibilities of parents in monitoring the attendance and academic performance of their wards and thanked the parents for attending the same.

After the Principal’s address, Mr. J.B. Janardana, Member, PTM Committee appraised the parents about the importance of PTM and their role in moulding the students. This was followed by the personal interaction with the teachers in their respective class rooms.

The Second session of Orientation program was arranged for both Dr. NSAM First Grade College parents in which Ms. Sushma,Final year student was Master of Ceremony. Parents were addressed by Prof. K Raghothama Rao, Chairman, Seek Foundation (School for Ecological Education) Bangalore and Karnataka Academy for Television Arts (KAFTA) on the topic “Joyful parenting”. All parents enjoyed this session a lot along with learning how to be with their children in and out of home. Mr, Rohit Punja, Administrator, NET addressed the gathering during this occasion. Later on, Mr. Vamshi Shriram, Co- Founder, Proedge private limited, spoke about various programs which are given by Proedge for student’s personal as well as academic progress.

Finally the program concluded with vote of thanks by Ms. Madhuri of final year, which was followed by lunch.

Mar 2018

Eco Club Activity - World Water Day

Water is an essential building block of life. It is more essential to quench thirst or protect health. In order to create awareness among the general public , Eco club of Dr.N S A M First Grade College celebrated World Water Day under the theme "The Importance of Freshwater” on 22nd March 2018 . On this occasion of World Water Day Eco –Club and More Nature Association team adopted a lake in Allalsandra in Yelahanka province to clean the surroundings of the lake .The team invited a resources person Mr. N Sathish Corporater , Mr. Ravi lake, Secretary of Allalsandra lake who has worked hard to recycle the sewage water. Dr. R. Shanti Iyer, Principal, Dr N S A M FGC also attended the program despite of her busy schedule.

The resource person addressed the gathering and spoke about the recycling of water for other domestic use and to preserve the freshwater for the future generation and also to save the mother earth.

The students’ team organized a campaign to clean the lake surrounding and to collect all plastic covers, bottles and other waste materials. Students also educated the public not to through plastic covers in and around the lake and not to make it dirty as the water can be reused for watering the plants and also used by nearby factories.

The campaign gave a message to all common man to make the world a better place by making their nearby surroundings safe and clean for safer, cleaner and more prosperous future.

Mar 2018

Eco Club Activity - World Forest day

Eco club of Dr N S A M First Grade College celebrated World Forest Day under the theme “Forests and Sustainable Cities”. This global celebration of forests provides a platform to create awareness about the importance of all types of trees and plants in and around us. To create awareness about the same the Eco-Club team organized a campaign in Yelahanka New Town and many dignitaries namely Mr. Vishwanth, MLA Yelahanka constituency, Mr. Muniraju Ex- corporater Yelahanka ward were invited on 21st March 2018.

Mr. Vishwanath spoke about the celebration at International level in order to increase the public awareness among communities about the values, significance and contributions of the forest to balance the lifecycle on the earth.

After the speech the Eco- Club team gave medicinal plant sapling to the all dignitaries present there and showed the first remark to grow more and more plants. The team further marched along with the dignitaries spreading the awareness to grow plants and also made the public to understand the forest value in their daily lives as an essential element to save the earth.

Totally the whole program was a huge successful one.

Mar 2018

Eco Club Activity - World Water Day

Water is an essential building block of life. It is more essential to quench thirst or protect health. In order to create awareness among the general public , Eco club of Dr.N S A M First Grade College celebrated World Water Day under the theme "The Importance of Freshwater” on 22nd March 2018 . On this occasion of World Water Day Eco –Club and More Nature Association team adopted a lake in Allalsandra in Yelahanka province to clean the surroundings of the lake .The team invited a resources person Mr. N Sathish Corporater , Mr. Ravi lake, Secretary of Allalsandra lake who has worked hard to recycle the sewage water. Dr. R. Shanti Iyer, Principal, Dr N S A M FGC also attended the program despite of her busy schedule.

The resource person addressed the gathering and spoke about the recycling of water for other domestic use and to preserve the freshwater for the future generation and also to save the mother earth.

The students’ team organized a campaign to clean the lake surrounding and to collect all plastic covers, bottles and other waste materials. Students also educated the public not to through plastic covers in and around the lake and not to make it dirty as the water can be reused for watering the plants and also used by nearby factories.

The campaign gave a message to all common man to make the world a better place by making their nearby surroundings safe and clean for safer, cleaner and more prosperous future.

Mar 2018

Programmme by Students’ Council

Students’ Council of Dr. NSAM First Grade College organized a programme for II Sem B.Com and BBA students on 21 st March, 2018 at our at our college seminar hall.

The programme titled “How to overcome the fear of platform performance” was basically designed for the students keeping in mind the reasons which adversely affect their communication skills as it is proven facts that ‘fear’ is a common barrier to communication skills.

Ms. Swathi Nandini an alumnus of Dr. NSAM FGC was invited as the speaker for the programme. She presented the topic with visual illustrations and some activities with the students. The speaker also mentioned about four fundamental reasons of fear like Communication, Correlation, Judgment and Self Deprecation. The students enjoyed the programme and immensely benefited.

Mr. Abhijit Naha, Convener of Students’ Council of Dr. NSAM FGC welcomed the guest. Dr. Shailaja Shastri also graced the occasion and spoke about the relevance of conducting this kind of programme for the benefit of the students.

Finally, Dr. Annapoorna Kishore proposed the vote of thanks.

Mar 2018

Report on An awareness program on “Health Insurance”

Insurance is a means of protection from financial loss. It is a form of risk management primarily used to hedge against the risk of a contingent or uncertain loss. To create awareness among the students regarding the same a talk was organized by Dr N S A M First Grade College on the topic “Health Insurance” under the Aegis of Business Lab on 21st March 2018.

Mr. J. B. Janardana, H O D of English welcomed the guest and briefly introduced them to the audience.

Mr. Nagaraj, Assistant Branch Manager, Star Health and Allied Insurance co. Ltd initiated his talk with interaction on awareness of insurance. He further spoke about the various kinds of insurance which included vehicle, health and so on. Then he continued his talk mentioning the importance of health insurance in present scenario. He stressed on the need of health insurance for immigrants also. Another speaker, Mr. Shariq , Territory Manager, of the company explained the technicalities of the products and reimbursement/ cashless hospitalization followed by a talk by Ms. Lakshmi Harish, executive of insurance Company.

Dr. R Shanthi Iyer, the college principal, in her presidential talk underlined the need of health insurance to all categories of people including the students. She also said that it was not enough to just know about health insurance policies but also the students should spread this knowledge to all the sections of the society.

Finally the programme got concluded with a vote of thanks by Mr. Chiranjeevi, coordinator, Business Lab.

Mar 2018

Women’s Day Celebration

The Women’s Forum of Dr NSAM First Grade College, Bangalore celebrated Women’s Day on 8th March 2018. The Programme started with by welcoming the gathering by Yukta Mukhi of 1th Sem, followed by invocation song by Savitha and Nandini and lighting the lamp by Dr. Shanti Iyer Principal FGC , Prof. Chitra, Principal PU College and Dr Shylaja Shastri.

He program continued with a group song by Savitha and team of Ist students followed by a speech by Dr.R. Shanti Iyer. In her speech Dr Iyer gave many examples of women entrepreneurs and their contribution to the society. Ms. Shylaja Shastri and Ms. Chitra also spoke about the importance of women’s day celebration and women’s participation in every field. The handmade greeting cards which were done by FGC students themselves were distributed to the staff.

The most admirable moment of the celebration was the felicitation of women maintenance staff of FGC and PUC- Ms. Aruna, Ms. Kamalamma, Ms. Venkateshamma and Ms. Nagamme.

The Programme concluded with a vote of thanks by Ms. Indrekala Asst. Professor Dr. NSAM FCG to thank all the student volunteers and dignitaries.

Mar 2018

Guest lecture on Gandhian principles

Literary Forum of Dr. NSAM First Grade College, Yelahanka organized a programme titled “Gandhiji and Non- violence” on 06/03/2018. Prof. S Narayanan, Retired Professor of English, was invited to address the students on the topic in order to throw light on the topic on ‘Ahimsa’, a lesson prescribed for 2nd semester B.Com and BBA students. Dr. R. Shanti Iyer , Principal, Dr. NSAM FGC welcome the speaker, Mr J B Janardhan, HOD in English introduced the speaker, which was followed by lecture by the chief guest.

In his speech Professor emphasized on the relevance of Gandhian thoughts in the modern world. He also spoke about the purpose of Gandhiji’s Non- Violence which made British realize that they were wrong. A non-violence fighter should be mentally strong otherwise it is not possible to adopt the principles of non-violence. According to Gandhiji violence was not the solution to eradicate injustice .The only way to end injustice was self- realization. It could be done through persuasion. Prof. Narayanan mentioned about ‘fear’ and ‘hate’ which also stressed that fear is the main obstacle in the process of persuasion. Prof. Narayanan also mentioned about Gandhiji’s point of view about the environment and how he differentiated between ‘need’ and ‘greed’. Gandhiji’s Eco-friendly economics was also revealed in the speech. Overall the programme was very effective from the students’ point of view. Finally a vote of thanks was rendered by Ms. Salomi, ist year student

Mar 2018

Eco Club Activity - World wild life day

One of the greatest creatures in the world created by god is bird. We find more varieties of birds across the world. Birds need water to survive. Many birds die due to lack of water. In order to create awareness about the conservation of bird species, Dr.N S A M First Grade College in collaboration with “Eco Club” of the college and More Nature Association celebrated World Wildlife Day under the theme "The Future of Wildlife is in Our Hands Save Birds” on 3rd March 2018. The theme was chosen to reinforce the link between wildlife, human activity and sustainable development and to spread the awareness, especially to youths. Allalsandra lake was selected for this purpose. On this occasion Dr N S A M FGC invited a resource person Dr. Sandhya, Senior official, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike and also an active citizen. She motivated all the students to create awareness among the general public about the environmental issues especially to save birds.

After the motivational speech placards were distributed to the students to create awareness for saving birds by keeping a bowl of water in their house balcony or terrace so that the birds can come and drink water and save their lives.

The team got a good response from the general public and many shared their views on this life saving activity of wild life.